What to Know about Illegal Anabolic Steroid Drugs

Anabolic steroids are believed to build muscles and promote androgenic or male characteristics. Read more about what the medical world says about androgenic when you click here. They belong to the class of drugs that mimic how testosterone works inside the body. They are commonly used by people who want to have bigger muscles or athletes who want to win in competitions.

It is important to note that some anabolic steroids are illegal in nature. Most people who use them have an unfair advantage in weightlifting and other sports competitions. If associations such as the NBA, the Olympics, NFL, and more found out that one of the athletes use steroids, there’s a considerable chance that they will be banned from joining these competitions again.

As with any other drugs out there, it is essential not to abuse the use of steroids. What’s best is that the person will only use them if their doctor prescribed there. Some of the muscle builders drink whey protein and combine them with steroid supplements to increase their power and recovery of muscles. Some of them reported positive effects, and some say that they don’t have to abuse the use of the drug to see the results that they are aiming for.

Where Can You Get Steroids?

Nowadays, lots of online selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and other websites advertise supplements that contain anabolic steroids. There is an anabolic steroid drugs store that sells legitimate ones that will help in muscle improvement but will not have any adverse effects on a person.

Some doctors will prescribe a specific drug for a legitimate medical condition. Some men may lose the function of their testicles, gain lesser weight, lower blood cell count, and experience other situation where they need boosting. Delayed puberty, recovery from sickness, and other debilitated states are other reasons why these drugs are often prescribed.

Illegal Anabolic Steroid Drugs

Who Specifically Use these Drugs?

More males who are in the weightlifting industry or fitness enthusiasts use steroids at some point in their lives to enhance their performance. Some males want to get the androgenic effects of the pills because it makes them more manly in a sense. The ones who typically use these are in their late 30s.

A study that was done by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has been published. You can know more info about other studies on the NDARC’s site here: The research found out that the following people are the ones who will typically use anabolic steroids and their reasons for ingesting them.

Professional Bodybuilders – Peers pressured most of them, and they see others who have more muscles than them. They see their bodybuilding as a kind of competitive sport, but not all of them have this reason. Some just build muscles more slowly, and they want to help enhance the process by the use of anabolic steroids.

Athletes – Some athletes are more competitive than others. In their desire to win and succeed, they use every enhancer available out there. However, not all associations approve the use of supplements, and when they find out that there’s some “help” needed in training, the athlete can be banned from joining a competition.

People Who Need Muscles for Work – Construction workers, bodyguards, security personnel, police, and members of the armed forces may be tempted to use anabolic steroids to build more body mass. They might see that the new build can help them do their work more efficiently. If they are frequently lifting heavy things, they might find that a surplus of strength can make their jobs easier.

People Concerned with their Bodies – Some people grow up being teased that they are too thin. Those who are overly concerned with their body image may turn to supplements that will make them gain weight faster. Some who are working in the entertainment industries need to show the public that they have the perfect body. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Whatever is their goal, there’s still a need to make sure that what they are taking is legitimate.

Young People – Some young people want to increase their build while it’s still early. They might want to be someone who is generally portrayed by the media. They strive to reach a physical appearance that can earn them praises or can even land them in a good job.

How do Steroids work?


By imitating the work of hormones in the body such as testosterone, steroids can actively turn on the receptors and stimulate the body. This means that the body will produce more hair in men, more muscles, a deeper voice, a more massive physique, and more.

Some use the process of cycling where they use a steroid for three consecutive days, followed by a period of rest. They repeat the cycling process, which works for them, and the periods of abstinence can go shorter as time goes by. Some use stacks or pyramids. They combine steroids with other supplements to create a synergy effect. The amounts are gradually increased, and it tapers off after a certain period.

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