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Alfamart Frontliners Ensuring Well-stocked Super Minimarts

We have been thanking medical frontliners since the start of this COVID-19 crisis. They have done so much for our country and continue doing their duties to the best they can. But let’s not forget those who work in the groceries and minimarts who also take risks every single day, coming to work to stock-up and serve their customers like the Alfamart Frontliners.

My husband, the only member of the family who can go out (I have asthma) usually does groceries in bigger supermarkets. But, it literally takes about 5-6 hours before he finishes the task. There are always long lines in any supermarkets nearby. So, as much as possible, he gets a lot of extras to make it worth the wait. Though sometimes, not all necessities are in-stock. So, we turn to minimarts like Alfamart and we are so thankful that we have several open branches in our area!

Alfamart Frontliners

I saw this post from @jydz0n and @mrMarcchavez on Facebook and totoo naman, saan bibili ang mga tao if sarado din sila dahil walang staff. So, kahit may sweldo naman kahit absent, mas pinili pa rin nilang mag-take ng risk at pumasok to be of service. Thank you to these Alfamart Frontliners!

Alfamart Frontliners

Apart from the store staff, distribution center personnel and truck drivers keep the supply chain going, ensuring that all groceries, convenience stores, and super minimarts are well-stocked.

Don’t worry, other branches have free shuttle services to pick up employees to and fro from designated areas. Alfamart management also assures to keep the working environment safe and comfortable thus continuously supplying disinfectants, sanitizers, and PPEs to their staff.

Alfamart Shuttle Services

This crisis has disrupted most businesses as well as our lives. But to give Pinoys some sense of normalcy, workers who keep on going to work despite the risk should know that we greatly appreciate their services. So, don’t forget to thank them!

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  1. Nolour De los Santos says:

    yes they are too!! our heroes….they deserve recognition too…thanks to you guys..ALFAMART FRONTLINERS and to other supermarket frontliners..salute to you all!!!

  2. Ericka Luie Villarba-Silleza says:

    Wow! Thank you, Alfamart Frontliners for your service!

  3. Ericka Luie Villarba-Silleza says:

    Yay! Thanks for recognizing these Alfamart Frontliners! Good Job!

  4. Salute to all Alfamart and other Frontliners for your kindness, you are truly our hero❤

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