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Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas for 2020

Finding affordable ideas for carving out a bedroom in a small studio apartment requires some ingenuity and skill. From separating areas with removable curtains to attractive sofa beds, you can create space for a bedroom in your cozy home. 

Small space dwellers depend on multifunctionality in their homes. For example, the kitchen can serve as an office space. Using visual dividers helps separate the space for your bedroom. Remember to avoid blocking sunlight or taking up too much square footage with your divider. An eclectic curtain or tapestry that you move easily out of the way when you have visitors is ideal.

No matter if your style is Boho, rustic, modern or Maximalist, choose from a wide variety of furniture to set up your bedroom. You have many studio apartment bed options:

  • Bunk beds
  • Youth sized beds
  • Futons
  • A sofa that folds out to a bed
  • Fold-out beds
  • A pallet 
  • Comfy long sofa
  • Recliner

If you want to use your space for entertaining, work, or studying, finding a comfy couch that doubles as a bed provide you with an attractive versatile option. Sofas come in many exciting colors, designs, sizes, and shapes for every small apartment or tiny house. Selecting a versatile couch gives you more options. Add colorful sheets and puffy pillows. 

Garment racks have increased popularity today. Use them for a variety of functions like hanging living plants or an artisanal tapestry. If you have an eclectic wardrobe, consider showcasing your threads for the world to see.

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Embrace sustainability and nature with your décor. Choose natural fibers, living plants, and sustainable wood pieces for your home. Wicker chairs, end tables made of tree trunks, and a dozen succulents about the bedroom bring life to your space. Incorporate new pieces with recyclable art and refurbished décor. 

Don’t forget the value or a gorgeous armoire to stash away clothing, shoes, and valuables. The piece can be used as a divider or makeshift wall. Select a natural wood that complements the colors of the floors and ceiling. Stick to neutral tones. 

A large woven carpet helps separate different sections of your bedroom. Use the carpet to indicate where you study or sleep. Choose a bright and splashy carpet if you have an otherwise plain minimal apartment. Or opt for a neutral tone to offset any bold eclectic pieces if you have a splashy abode. Handcrafted rugs provide a beautiful uniqueness. 

Once your bedroom has furniture, live plants, and a beautiful carpet, take the time to find a few large art pieces to truly accent the room. Choose a piece that brings life and originality to space. Avoid the blasé. Be uniquely you in your gorgeous new bedroom.

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