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Tiger Balm Plaster: Quick Relief for any Muscle Pains

Tiger Balm has been around for decades and continuously giving quick relief for any muscular pains. When I was a kid, I remember in my aunt’s medicine cabinet she had this ointment jar with a tiger logo. Whenever I complain of itchy insect bites, she’d apply it to the affected area. It was also used on my chest whenever I had a cough and on my forehead, on times I had a fever. It’s a staple brand for the elders in the family coz of the many uses. Now, there’s a Tiger Balm Plaster that can relieve my shoulder and back pains and has also become a staple in our own medicine cabinet. It’s so easy to use coz you just have to slap it on the affected muscle!

Filipinos are known to be hardworking and will endure any muscle pain as long as we can. There are many over-the-counter pain relief meds but Tiger Balm is one of those trusted brands that has been proven to effectively and quickly relieve pain that come from a build-up of unaddressed and unrelieved stress.

Sometimes, the accumulation of unspoken and unacknowledged tension and anxiety leads to aching joints, back pains, a stiff neck, or tight shoulder muscles. It manifests in unexpected muscular strains on the limbs, like their arms and legs, when they try to release some of that stress through sports, exercise, or any physical activity.

Tiger Balm Products

Fortunately, the 21st-century Filipino has a constant ally in Tiger Balm, a familiar and family-friendly brand that has stocked up many medicine cabinets in our homes and offices for more than 50 years. The brand itself immediately conjures up beloved images of comforting and soothing Tiger Balm oils and creams that heal insect bites and treat muscles atrophied by arthritis. Tiger Balm, produced by Haw Par Healthcare, is one of the world’s leading and most versatile topical analgesic brands for almost a century.

Tiger Balm’s products have been around for over 100 years because of the proven benefits these have given the consumers in over 100 countries, including the Philippines. It has combined traditional and enduring oriental healing methods, some of which had been used in ancient times by Chinese emperors, with cutting-edge medical research and development made possible by today’s technology. Tiger Balm has positioned itself to create dedicated solutions for specific symptoms, pains, and discomforts.

The brand’s new product line, the Tiger Balm Plaster, designed to address the muscular pain and other aches caused by non-stop stress, is the latest example. What makes it stand out is the organic way it relieves all aching sensations while providing alleviation and comfort to the targeted muscle. Using hydrogel technology on non-woven ventilated material makes the plaster user-friendly, easy to put on and equally easy to remove. Consumers can conveniently carry a pack of it in their bags or knapsacks, and quickly slap on plaster on a sprained or hurting muscle within seconds. The seamlessness by which the plaster ‘blends’ with the skin is almost soothing and absent of any annoying tingling (also known as ‘kirot’).

The Tiger Balm Plaster provides effective relief for muscular pains, stiff shoulders, contusions, sprains, backaches, and neck pains.

Tiger Balm Plaster RD

The removal of the Tiger Balm Plaster is virtually painless. To professionals, decision-makers, athletes, and parents who care about their appearance, another added value is that Tiger Balm plaster does not leave any residue or mark on their skin.

The pain relief brought on by the Tiger Balm Plaster lasts for hours. This should also come as welcome news for today’s Filipinos who want more continuous hours of relief from their lingering pain. The secret of Tiger Balm’s longevity in healing and health-related matters is clear: Tiger Balm works where it hurts.

The Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster comes in a pack of 2 plasters (7cm x 10cm) with backing adhesive sheets for easy application. It retails at PH 68 and is available at Watson Personal Care Store, Mercury Drug, Southstar Drug, and leading supermarkets nationwide.

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  1. Marie Fe Castillo says:

    naku mukhang need ko to mamamu lalo kapag palagi nagpapakarga si baby di talaga maiwasan na di sumakit ang likod ko

  2. Jhen Segovia Pangilinan says:

    Wow gusto ko try to mommy lage nanakit mga muscles ko kasi.
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  3. Pree ty sya says:

    Bigla sumakit likod ko parang gusto ko maglagay nito mamu hehehe

  4. Jessica bathan says:

    Bibili ko nga mamsh asawa ko nyan kase lagi masakit ang likod nya. Sure matutuwa yun easy lang ilagay. ?

  5. Jaycee Amul says:

    Wow..sobrng need nmin nito mamu..bili kmi nito pra smin ni nanay lagi maskit ang blikat at likod dahil sa pgbuhat ng bata..c nanay dhil nrin sa edad mdli n mnkit ang ktwan..thanks po sa info at ito tlga ang bbilin a pra kay nanay..skin at sa asawa q ndin..???

  6. I know that brand their patches are really effective

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