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My First Self-service Laundromat Experience

It was my first time to use a self-service laundromat and super excited to share with you my experience and the things I’ve learned. It wasn’t that difficult as expected but quite easy and if you haven’t tried doing your own laundry in a laundromat yet, well, you should!

Please watch my video and how things were during my experience πŸ™‚

Mission accomplished because I’ve learned several things:

  • Don’t settle for the nearest laundromat because of convenience purposes
  • You should check out the facilities like if it’s air-conditioned, has a comfort room, comfy waiting area and best of all, a free wi-fi service. Because after all, you will spend at least 2 or 3 hours or more there depending on how much laundry you have.
  • The most important thing to remember, check the machines. If you can inspect prior to use, much better to avoid any unexpected problems.
  • If you’re an O.C. like me who doesn’t like my whites to be mixed with “de-color” clothes, you should do self-service.

This was a great experience for me, really. I used to just call the labandera to come over to my house, or bring my dirty laundry to a shop, where I can just drop it off and they will handle the washing and drying or do it on my own and complain of backaches after hahaha.

Now, I will be looking forward to doing self-service laundry again! And you know what, you can even wash your undies with no shame! hahaha

Watch out for my next adventure! πŸ™‚

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  1. Pree Ty sya says:

    Galing! Meron din dito samin mamu na self service laundry..

  2. Nikkie Pepito says:

    So easy talaga Yan mams pguwi mo SA bahay ilalagay monna Lang sa cabinet no need. Na mghirap kakakusot at kakasampay

    Yt Nikkie PEPITO
    Ig nikkiepepito
    Fb nikkie BP Rosales
    Tweeter @NikkiePepito

  3. Nikkie Berroya says:

    That’s so easy work less tiredless

    Fb nikkie berroya
    Ig nikkieberroya
    Twitter @BerroyaNikkie
    YT nikkie berroya
    Blog Comment nikkie berroya

  4. Vhie Pepano says:

    So very easy mams and helpful paguwi mo sa bahay lagay na Lang sa aparador


    Fb Vhie Vhie
    Ig vhiepepano
    Twitter @PepanoVhie
    Yt Vhie Pepano
    Blog commenter Vhie Pepano


  5. Bong Berroya says:

    Meron dn PO nian dto sa Amin kaso nakasanayan n ni misis mglaba hehe gastos lng daw Yan pero if ngmamadali pweding pwedi


    Fb bong berroya
    Ig berroyabong
    Twitter @BerroyaBong
    Yt bongzkie pepito
    Blog Comment bong berroya


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