Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Menstrual Cup

Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Menstrual Cup

We cannot deny the fact that for every woman, menstruation is like a nightmare and can ruin your whole week. But sometimes it is all just a misconception of the period. It doesn’t mean that if it’s your monthly period then you will just sleep the whole day or just be lazy the whole week unless if you want to!

The clock will not stop during your period girl! So you should stand up and be surprised for things you can still do during your menstruation.

Running On Your Menstruation

Most of the women who want to stay fit is doing daily exercises, and that includes cardio or running, and it is an excellent form of fitness exercise. But some ladies stop doing work out during their period. It is not deniable that being on your menstruation week, you can be annoyed, sleepy, lousy, and even in pain, but your lifestyle should not be impacted.

During the marathon in the year of 1996, a runner in Boston marathon won with blood flowing all over her legs, and that does not stop her from winning so should you.

To be able to continue running, it is highly recommended to use a menstrual cup instead of regular pads during your period while running. A menstrual cup can collect your blood for twelve hours, and the amount of menstrual blood is 30ml. Do not worry because your menstrual cup will not move and fall out.

The form of the cup is designed to perfectly fit your body, which is why your vagina can hold tightly to the cup, and it cannot be move unless you will intentionally push or remove it. One of the best menstrual cups you can use is Daisy cup and learn more of them by going to their website which is

Daisy Mestrual Cup

Enjoy Swimming On Your Period!

Another form of exercise is swimming and not only for fitness purposes, but you can also release all your stress while swimming. Therefore if having your period causes you to stress then all the more that you need to swim! In case you do not know when you swim, your body releases beta-endorphins which are natural painkillers so goodbye cramps.

One of the misconceptions during the period is the menstrual blood will stop when you are in the water. Well, it is not precisely accurate, but your period will not be that so substantial. In fact, there is no need for you to wear any menstrual product, but for safety purposes, you can wear a cup. A menstrual cup is more convenient to use than pads and tampons if you want to swim during your period because it is worn inside your vagina. It will also help you to avoid infections that may be caused by bacteria in the pool or ocean.

You Can Still Have Sex!

No more postpone honeymoon or date during your period because yes you can still be romantic even on your period. You can have sex with your menstrual cup during your period and worry no more for bloody bed. Especially that during your menstruation you are easily get aroused. It is because of the amount of estrogen and testosterone levels are increased.

Having orgasm during your period can help you not to feel the pain. There are menstrual cups that are designed for sexual activities but be careful in choosing a cup because some manufacturers do not recommend wearing a menstrual cup on sexual intercourse. Remember that it is not used for contraception, it can be a barrier, but it does not block the sperm.

Why You Should Not Wear Regular Pads While Doing These Activities

Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Menstrual Cup

It is obviously not recommended to wear pads or tampon if you want to swim, run or to have sex. While running pads can fall out while running. It can cause bad smell in your vagina because of the sweat, especially that it is isolated and causes moisture. When you run using a pad, it can cause chafing, and tampons can only absorb 5ml of blood only. It is really not ideal for running.

It is very unlikely to wear pads or tampons while swimming it is made out of cotton so it can absorb the bacteria from the water. It does not feel so good as well if you wear a pad while swimming, plus it is heavy. It is also not possible during sex as it needs penetration. Therefore, you really need to remove the pad.


It might sound so painful and tiring when you hear the word menstruation but remember that it is all up to you. If you want to continue living your life as how it should be then there is nothing that is not possible to do. You can always do it, girl! Choose the best menstrual product that you can rely on.

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