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Mr. Big Pillow: Improve the Quality of your Sleep

Pillows have a huge effect on the quality of sleep. Your sleeping position is also a factor. If you use the right pillows and know the correct positions, you can always have a good night’s slumber and wake up refreshed and energized the next day. Mr. Big Pillow offers various options and you might find one that suits your needs.

At the SM Home Fair last June 28-30, 2019 held at SMX, Mall of Asia complex, Mr. Big offered up to 50% off on selected items. This NINE PILLOW was a hit amongst onlookers and buyers and was on a 20% discount at the time.

Mr. Big Pillow SM Home Fair

Mr. Jeffrey Tam, an actor/comedian, and the first Filipino Close -up Magician to conquer Europe was also happy to try out the Nine Pillow. Of all those I tried at the fair, this particular comfy and cuddly pillow was my first choice. I use at least 5 when I sleep and the Nine Pillow will definitely cut off the rest.

Mr. Big Nine Pillow Jeff Tam

There are BodyScale Pillows you can try to know which is appropriate for you to determine the softness/hardness and you can try it on your head as I did. I found out that instead of No.3, I’m more of a No. 2. But for me, this pillow will have to go support my back. I liked either the ORTHOCURVE PILLOW or LATEX PILLOW for head, neck and shoulder support.

Mr. Big Pillow Body Scale

There was also a mini-seminar on good sleep posture and why a good pillow is important. Little did I know that what’s causing my acid reflux was a wrong sleep position. Now I know and shared it with my hubby.

Mr. Big Pillow Sleeping Posture

By using the appropriate pillow according to your height and weight as well as each individual’s condition, you can maintain a good quality of sleep and overall health. Use this test to assess which type of pillow is right for you:

Mr. Chawakit Kaoien, founder of Mr. Big Pillow is a physical therapist who spent years working in the ICU of a hospital’s respiratory unit and was in-charge of bedridden critical care patients and see to it that they are kept comfortable and could breathe properly. This led him to develop a brand of pillows that would benefit every individual.

Mr. Big Nine Pillow

Over the years, Chawakit hacked the right density of pillows as well as its best position to address your sleeping concerns. Every individual is different, thus, we cannot conform to just one type of pillow.

To know more about Mr. Big Pillow, follow for more updates and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

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