LG Male Ambassadors Do The Laundry for the Household
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LG Empowers Alpha-males To Do Family Laundry with LG Washers #LGLaundryLove

Household chores are always delegated to women. For working wives, we call it our “second shift”. For stay-at-home-moms, it’s their day-to-day tasks, especially the laundry. It’s a traditional role. Nowadays, men can do it, too! That is if they are willing to help out and lessen our load. With the rise of innovative technologies designed to wash clothes, men can do laundry as easy as 1-2-3. Such a great example are LG’s line of smart appliances including top-of-the-line washing machines.

The innovative technologies designed for LG Home Appliances make chores, such as doing the laundry, easier to accomplish – and surprisingly pleasant – especially for men who are trying to do it right for the first time.  LG’s line of smart appliances with features that offer powerful solutions for tasks often perceived as complicated, such as efficiently doing the laundry for clothes that are clean and even allergy-free. 

LGEPH VP-Home Appliances Mr. Woo  Young Jeon with Barangay Maybunga  Pasig beneficiaries of Libreng  Palaba

LG reinforces its commitment to women empowerment by ensuring that its smart home technologies are attuned to the constantly changing and dynamic needs of both women and men who use them. LG’s Laundry Love is an advocacy that wants to give them the opportunity to show that they can and should get the job done, with washing machines that are powerful and packed with innovative features.

To demonstrate that alpha-males, and even working dads can do it, motoring expert James Deakin, actor/model Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, and PBA’s ‘Ironman’ LA Tenorio went onstage at the LG Laundry Love campaign launch to wash their family’s clothes. James, who is used to running at high speeds, used the LG Front Load washer with Turbo Wash technology, with a unique jet spray for excellent washing performance in less than an hour. Eric, who just had a baby with wife Rona, used the LG Top Load washer with its Baby Steam Care function that offers deep clean for baby clothes, along with Allergy Care that removes 99% of allergens to care for his newborn’s sensitive skin. For LA, who values his time off from his games, the LG Twin Wash was a perfect match because it let him wash his just-used basketball jersey at the same time his children’s clothes. With all these convenient cleaning features and more that are available on the LG smart technology washing machines, it is easier to get the men of the family involved in doing the laundry.

LG Male Ambassadors Do The Laundry  for the Household

During the Love Laundry campaign launch, LG Philippines’ managing director Inkwon Heo shared, “At LG, we believe in using technology to simplify life and to save time. Our washing machines are top-of-the-line products that are designed to make doing the laundry less complicated and more energy efficient. It is with our hope that the men of the household will see doing the family laundry less as a chore, but more as a way of showing support for their loved ones.” LG’s Laundry Love campaign also wants men to be able to feel that they can contribute to running the household. Through this, the traditional gender roles in the household will become a thing of the past, and with the children, the next generation growing up to see that their fathers are able to take on more responsibilities at home, it will be the norm, rather than the exception.  

LG Launches Laundry Love LibrengPalaba1

LG also opened its doors on the same day to the residents of Barangay Maybunga in Pasig to do their laundry at the LG office using the powerful washers. It is the company’s way of giving back to communities, with the aim of making clean laundry accessible, LG will be rolling out the mobile laundry van soon in the different barangays of Metro Manila.

For more information about the #LGLoveLaundry campaign and to see the lineup of LG’s washing machines, log on to lg.com/ph, like @LGPhilippines on Facebook and follow @LGPhilippines on Instagram.

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    Galing nman pati mga male celebrities nakijoin😁 proud mga asawa nila at di sila nahihiya kung naglalaba man sila,LG washing machine ba nman super easy gamitin,sana one day magkat😊ron din ako nito🙏

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