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How To Smash The Side Hustle As A Mom

As a Mom, you’re always looking for ways to save yourself a bit of cash. Whether you’re trying to cut back on your spending, or you want to increase your income, there are so many things that you can do to improve your household finances, and it doesn’t have to have a negative impact upon your life or your kids’ lives. In fact, it can teach them valuable lessons that they need to know about budgeting and earning money!

So, if you’re looking to improve your income, then you may know about the ‘side hustle’. At the moment, it’s such a popular thing, and almost everybody is getting on this. Whether you have a skill – like writing or painting – or you’re just pretty business-savvy, there are many ways to earn yourself a bit of extra cash. We’ve put down some simple tips so that you can smash the side hustle as a Mom.

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Know what your skills are

The first step to smashing your side hustle is knowing exactly where your skills, and interests, lie. If you’ve always been a pretty good wordsmith then you may want to look into blogging or content writing, which you can do on a freelance basis. If you’re an artist – but you haven’t spent time painting or illustrating for some time – why not devote some time to rediscovering your passion? Whatever it is that you’re good at, and enjoy, this is probably where your side hustle should stem from, especially as it is taking up your free time. Think about what you can do, and get started!

Find a good platform

If you’re going to sell things, such as your arts and crafts, you need to think about the right platform to use for this. Many people use sites such as Etsy, but you can also put your work on Amazon or eBay if you’d prefer to do this. If you’re a writer, you’ll also have to find some places for your work, so look into this thoroughly if you’re thinking about starting off your side hustle. The best platform for you will be dependant upon what you’re actually selling, so it’s a good idea to do some research into what would be good for your craft. Use a website with a market for what you do!

Use social media

Making your side hustle a success is likely to depend upon how you market yourself, and social media is a good way to get yourself out there. Make sure that you have active profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, so that you can showcase your work for potential customers to see. Posting every few days will really help to secure your brand in people’s minds, and it will extend your reach as others find out about what you do. Keep your marketing consistent and professional, and get your customers to give you as much feedback as possible, so that you can use it to promote yourself.

Learn all that you can

Whatever you choose to do, you are essentially starting your own business if you take your side hustle pretty seriously. You need to be as business-minded as possible, and you may want to take your learning a little further if you want this to be a success. You can do something like MBA distance learning if you want to learn the ropes from home, but you may even want to attend some public lectures if there are business schools in your area. There is always space for learning, so do all that you can to increase your knowledge of what you’re doing. Attending painting and writing classes is a good idea, too!

Schedule time for it

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Another way to make sure that you’re smashing your side hustle is devoting time to it, and this can be difficult when you’re also working full-time. Think about it as another element to your personal growth, and commit a certain amount of hours a week to make your vision a reality. If you think of it as something that brings you a great deal of enjoyment, then it won’t seem like such a chore, so use it as a productive way to make the most out of your free time. Perhaps you’ll do it for a few hours on Sunday morning, or maybe every few days, but decide how much you will do and stick to it!

Stay motivated

The best way to get the most out of your side hustle is to try and stay motivated. This can be difficult, especially as you will be acting as your own boss, but you need to do all that you can to keep the ball rolling, so try your best to keep the momentum up. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you enjoy what you’re doing, so if it becomes a slog, then change up the jobs that you are accepting. Your side hustle should be the perfect balance between work and enjoyment, and as such, it shouldn’t be too hard to motivate yourself to do this. If it is, then re-evaluate whether this is something that you actually want to do.

Don’t invest too much

When you first start out with your side hustle, it can be tempting to put a lot of your cash into it. After all, it is something that you love, and maybe you could make a full-time business out of this one day? However, don’t invest so much into this that it ceases to become worthwhile. The last thing that you want to do is lose money, so set yourself a reasonable budget, and don’t go over this. Sure, it may become a fruitful business in the future, but time, not money, will show how successful you will be. Put in what you can, and see what you get out of it. If you start to do well, use the profit to reinvest, not your own money.

Consider doing it with somebody else

If you’ve started up your side hustle and it seems to be doing pretty well, don’t hesitate to get others on board. Perhaps you know somebody else who does what you do, and you think that you could use your time and talents more productively if you worked together? Don’t be afraid to collaborate, and draw on your respective skills. This could help to extend your reach, as well, especially if this person has a substantial social media presence. You don’t have to bring them on board full-time if you don’t want to; you could do some projects together, instead. Look for people to bring in on your idea!

Look at what the people around you need

The job that you’re doing on the side of your ordinary job doesn’t need to be something as elaborate as starting your own writing business, and you may just want to do what people around you will probably need. For example, could you earn a bit of cash by being a babysitter for some of the other Moms in your area? Think about what you could do, and the connections that you have to make it a reality. If you’re already looking after your kids, it isn’t going to be too much for you to look after two more for the night, and it could help you to get some extra cash so see what you could make a success out of.

So, if you’re a busy Mom looking to start off your side hustle, then why not follow these simple tips? You could really up your income, whilst also doing what you love, so try your hand at getting a job on the side of your full-time role. You’ll be glad that you did when the cash is flowing in!

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