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SIAM Noodle House: Traditional Thai Meals

Recently, I’ve been eating loads of Thai food and loving it. Surprisingly, I haven’t had any trouble with my hyperacidity and vowed to go back with my family coz I’m sure they’ll love the food and place too! Which place am I talking about? SIAM Noodle House!

SIAM Noodle House

SIAM is actually a sister company of Just Thai. You can find it inside BF Parañaque, along Aguirre Avenue’s long food strip.

What separates SIAM from other Thai restos? Their traditional and affordable meals plus the cool and quiet ambiance of Authentic Thai mood!

SIAM Noodle House

Though the resto name suggests a full noodle menu, don’t be deceived coz they also offer a whole lot more. Let’s start the run down of awesome goodness and feast your eyes 🙂


SIAM Noodle House Appetizers
TOP: Pla Muk Tod; Left: Poh Pia Tod; Right: Tod Man Pla

Not your ordinary Squid Rings Php220 (top) coz it’s soft, chewy, not hard to swallow. Dip it in SIAM’s 2 special sauces for the best experience.

The Crispy Thai Spring Rolls Php165 (left) is a must try. Looks regular but once you take a bite, omg the sweet and spicy taste melds together creating a delicious lip-smacking appetizer. Perfect beer partner!

Fish Cakes Php190 (right) with chili sauce, cucumber and peanut salsa. It’s my first time to try this and boy I almost ate it all, lol. It’s usually crab cakes for me but this one is another must-try appetizer. Crunchy on the outside, full of flavour on the inside. Hints of cucumber refreshes your palate and on the next bite dip it in the salsa and a whole new flavour meets your taste buds!


SIAM Noodle House
Kuaitiao Moo – Crispy Pork Soup (top left); Kuaitiao Gai – Chicken Soup (top right); Kuaitiao Neua – Signature Beef (bottom)(

The noodles SIAM serve differs in soupy flavour such as beef, chicken, seafood green curry, regular/spicy pork and even shrimp paste!

SIAM Noodle House
Kuaitiao Krok Kapi – Shrimp Paste Surprise (top); Seafood Khao Soi – Seafood Green Curry (bottom)

My fave is the green curry and shrimp paste. Not so spicy but definitely one you will never forget coz it’s “kakaiba”. Not particularly a fan of anything curried/spicy and a “bagoong” soup, but braved it, readied my taste buds for a whole new experience. And what do you know? Glad I tried both coz they were so yummy! Tasting these soups made me actually hungry for more!


SIAM Glass Noodles

Another great dish with an extraordinary taste. This Glass noodle was presented as a salad with a blend of hot and sweet flavours. I don’t know what’s happening to my taste buds but everything served was superb despite the spices which I hated before lol.

There’s more to the menu and I’ll post them soon coz the experience won’t be complete unless I tell you about ’em all. But for now, the above are just a few of what you can expect at SIAM Noodle House and watch out for the other main dishes!

SIAM Noodle House
Presidents Ave. corner Aguirre Ave., Parañaque
Phone: (02) 776 4280


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