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Rolling Stop (California Roll): Is it Legal?

You should know by now that a California roll is not considered to be legal. It is possible that you have heard from other people that it is. You would like to get a confirmation whether it is truly legal or not. There are details that you will learn about this term right now but it is vital that you get to understand what it is beforehand. You do not want to wait for the time when you would need a ticket lawyer to help you out, right?

What is a Rolling Stop?

This is the term that is used to describe a vehicle that does not decide to completely stop. This can be done while people are waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Another possibility is when a stop sign is put up and the car still decides to move at about 5 MPH per hour. The longer that it is done, the easier it would be to identify and be charged.

It has gained the term “California Roll” probably because a lot of Californians do not take the traffic laws and regulations seriously. Instead of following the laws the way that they should, they make it a point to see traffic laws as suggestions about what they could do. This means that they see it as an advice rather than a law that should be done.

People Doing Rolling Stops

There are various people who have done rolling stops at one point in their lives. The thing about this type of stop is that it is easy to do. You may be in a hurry and you want to reach your destination soon. You may be running late and every minute that you spend being late will cost you. Some people assume that the stop is already complete even if it isn’t. When you do this, you still need to find a ticket lawyer San Francisco to help you. It may seem simple but the help of the right lawyer will make a huge difference in the possible outcome of your case.

One of the possible penalties that you will get is to attend a traffic school. Ticket lawyers will make it possible to make this penalty available instead of spending some time in jail.

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