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New Milder and Milkier Cheez Whiz Mild

It was a chillax and fun afternoon at the launch of the new milder and milkier Cheez Whiz Mild. I’ve actually tried it and loved the milky taste but it’s quite different from the original. If you are a ma-cheesy person, you’d love the original as much as I do and I also use it not just for snacks but also to make my spaghetti cheesier and tastier! But, I bet you’d also love this new variant coz it’s somewhat like “puting keso” (for me ha), mild cheese, milkier yet still you’d know it’s a Cheez Whiz!

New Cheez Whiz Mild

The launch started with several activities such as Pillow Art decoration, CHEESEvention where we created our own snacks using Cheez Whiz Mild as one of the toppings, a personalized flipbook and had fun jumping at the gigantic inflatable.

New Cheez Whiz Mild Pillow Art Decoration

The new variant was introduced by Ms. Rachelle Virata, Cheez Whiz Brand Manager and would you believe the very affordable price?! The Cheez Whiz Mild comes in a 220g jar for only PHP 83.00 and in 62g sachets for PHP 25.75.

New Cheez Whiz Mild

Mondelez Philippines, the maker of Cheez Whiz Mild, aims to be the best snacking company in the country. To do this, we continue to work in providing consumers with exciting flavors and provide new taste experiences for Filipinos. We are always listening to consumers and we have found that Moms and their kids also want to experience a different cheese taste, something milder and tastes milkier. Thus, Cheez Whiz Mild was born,” says Rachelle Virata, Cheez Whiz Brand Manager.

New Cheez Whiz Mild
(R-L) Cait Punzalan (Mondelez Internal Communications Manager), Rachelle Virata (Cheez Whiz Brand Manager), Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, Dimples Romana, Neil Abanador (Cheez Whiz Asst. Brand Manager)

Ms. Dimples Romana and Cheez Whiz Mild mother-and-son ambassador Rica Peralejo and Philip Bonifacio also graced the event, shared their Cheez Whiz “baon stories” and even played at the gigantic inflatable.

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio is known to be a hands-on mother and wife to her family. Just like any mom, she wants what is best for her child. “Cheez Whiz Mild is milkier so I am naturally drawn to it because I’m a milk lover! Philip and I both love it as a snack with our crackers. For baon naman, I spread it in pandesal,” said Rica.

New Cheez Whiz Mild

You will definitely love this new taste of Cheez Whiz Mild and you can get it at all groceries and supermarkets.

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  1. pchipeach says:

    i loved chiz whiz pimiento. hmm will try this also. 😀

  2. Aila Garcia says:

    My family really love this the best ang chizwhiz sa amin, laging ubos ang baon at meryenda

  3. Aiza Gregorio says:

    Favorite ngkids ko palaman.. At syempre ako din.. Super sarap lalo pa ngayon may bagong variant..

  4. I really Love this cheezwhiz . Dati palang favorite na namen ito until now mas pinasarap pa sya ..

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