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Davies Paints Color SM North via #ColorGram

Seeing walls and rooms come alive with various colors make me happy. If only I can do the same for my house, that would be awesome! And my intense desire to do home improvements once again sparked by the recent ColorGram event with Davies Paints at SM City North Edsa!

Davies Paints Color SM North via #ColorGram

Colors have an incredible power. It affects the mood of a person, the way we see things, it triggers memories, aside from love – it lets us communicate with the world. We are sometimes defined by the color/s we choose.

Recently, Davies Paints presented us with ColorGram from colored walls, floors, art blocks, patterned corners and 4 uniquely painted beautiful mood rooms. It’s a haven for Instagrammers because all are IG-worthy!

It dawned on me while checking out the rooms that multi-colors can definitely brighten up lonely walls. I’m sure my living room will stand out if I paint per wall different shades hahaha. That would be awesome! LOL

Having various shades in a single room make it lovely and look alive. I was really inspired and now cooking up something. It’s a celebration of life!

Davies Paints Color SM North via #ColorGram

The 4 mood rooms definitely stirred something in me. My fave color is PURPLE but being in a room with different colors affected me in a happy manner. A mix of hot and cold, relaxed and intense, joyful and calm colors, I didn’t know it could affect me that much! Pastel colors used to be my addiction when it comes to painting the walls, but they are such mellow tones and I want it differently now.

Honestly, I didn’t know that a certain color can make a room look bigger or smaller and I discovered that during the event. It can also create an illusion of 3D space in our minds. Painting cubes and blocks in various colors can be artsy decors too, plus you can let your creative juices flow and make something unique and turn it into a spectacular masterpiece!

Want to experience #COLORGRAM and be inspired to color your world too? Visit SM North The Block until March 22, 2018!

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  1. pchipeach says:

    For me, calming and parng at peace parin if white lang ang paint ng wall.

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