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Goldilocks Delicious Breakfast Meals

Elders in the family used to tell me to not skip breakfast or I’ll suffer from stomach pains and wake up with peptic ulcer one day. I was young, always on the go, rushing to school early in the morning and dismissed that very important advice. Soon enough, I became acidic, rushed to the hospital for severe stomach pain, underwent Endoscopy and was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer. If only I heeded their advice!

But, it may not be too late for you! You can still eat your breakfast at Goldilocks now that they offer a convenient and delicious solution.

Goldilocks Delicious Breakfast Meals

Classic and well-loved breakfast meals such as Corned Beef, Longganisa, Tocino, Daing na Bangus, and the best-selling Vegetable Omelette are now available at the country’s number one bakeshop for as low as PhP99.

Mornings are now more delicious with Goldilocks, so jumpstart your day in the most delicious way.

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  1. pchipeach says:

    Affordable price pra sa msarpa at nkabubusog na food

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