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5 Tips on Taking Health Supplements

Perhaps there’s nothing more infuriating than waiting, no matter what you are waiting for. Maybe you are waiting for a friend to call you back or a bus or your hair to grow and it feels like you may never get to your desired hair length. While we are yet to uncover the formula that enables to grow 12-inch of hair overnight (not that we aren’t looking), hair supplements remain the best available option. However, it’s not uncommon to read on people who overdose on health supplements and in light of this, we feel a burning desire to address the issue on the right way to using supplements.

Health Supplements
“Hand With Medical Capsules” by Ben Schonewille

In this article, Andrea talks about supplements and gives tips on the consumption of these drugs.

  1. More isn’t better

Strictly adhere to the recommended dosage printed on the marker or as prescribed by your physician while taking supplements. Recall, supplements furnish you with nutrients you get from your daily diet. Consequently, there’s no health advantage to consuming more of a specific mineral or vitamin than your body needs, actually, guzzling too much of a mineral or vitamin causes agonizing side effects like diarrhea, vomiting and even severe, life-threatening complications such as liver damage.

Be particularly cautious when dealing with the following supplements:

  •  Vitamins E, A, and D: The following are “fat soluble” meaning the body stores any excess in the fat tissue and liver. While most vitamins are “water-soluble” thus pass through your body resulting in rather mild effects, the fat-soluble vitamins accumulate to toxic levels.
  • Iron: Iron plays the role of carrying oxygen to body tissues. Also, it plays a crucial role in maintaining brain and muscle functions and in the immune system. Nonetheless, if you consume more than the recommended iron, the metal gathers in your body to harmful levels in the liver and heart. Iron profusion causes fatigue, joint pain, depression and even sexual impotence.
  1. Take as instructed

Taking your supplement per the instructions isn’t restricted to dosage. Pay attention to understand how the medication interacts with your food.

For better absorption, some supplements should be taken alongside food, while with others you perhaps need to be running on empty.

Particular minerals and vitamins affect the efficacy or absorption of some medicine (including certain antibiotics, antacids, and anticoagulants). Read the marker on your OTC and prescription medication. Where possible talk to a doctor.

  1. Don’t expect miracles be patient

Sorry, vitamins never work right away. What you take today will aid the next layer of hair that you grow next. Results from ingesting vitamins become apparent in four or five months – given you’re consistent with taking your supplements.

  1. Read labels vigilantly

Do in-depth research on purchasing a supplement. Supplements can’t declare to cure disease; they must also bear appropriate nutrition and ingredient labeling.

Watch out for the following important things:

  •  Unrealistic assertions: some products proclaim utopian results. Look out for false advertising.
  • Organic or natural claims: Most of us see the words “organic” or “natural” and conclude the product comes with zero side effects. Contrary to this belief, all supplements have the potential to cause side effects.
  •  Products that declare to have no side effects.
  1. Store your supplements properly

To avert accidental ingestion, store medicines out of children’s reach.

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