Cosmopolitan Climbs – Budget-Friendly Pre-Need Memorial Life Plan

Has it ever crossed your mind purchasing a pre-need memorial life plan for you and your family? I know of some people who thought of this ahead, well in preparation for the inevitable. The most usual reason I hear is that they don’t want to burden their loved ones with the funeral expenses. I see nothing wrong with being prepared coz we are all going to end up the same way, anyway – dead. Sounds morbid, but we don’t hold the future, it can happen to anyone, anytime, any day. So, best to be prepared.

Cosmopolitan Climbs Pre-Need Memorial Life Plan

Cosmopolitan Climbs Board of Directors

It was a reminder of some sort for me to explore this option when I attended the launching of Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapels and CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative last October 2nd. These two companies merged and became Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) to be able to pave way for an affordable pre-need memorial life plan. The Insurance Commission (IC) already approved this joint venture and will soon be available to Filipinos worldwide.

Cosmopolitan Climbs Commissioner Atty. Dennis B. Funa

On the mic: Atty. Dennis B. Funa, Commissioner of the Philippines’ Insurance Commission

“It is now time that the private sector and the cooperative sector can join forces. We aim to serve the marginalized sector or the grassroots. And with the synergy, we know that there is no room for failure,” said Mr. Fermin Gonzales, CCLPI Group Executive Officer.

Cosmopolitan Climbs Mr. Fermin Gonzales, CCLPI Group Executive Officer

Mr. Fermin Gonzales, Cosmopolitan Climbs (CCLPI) Group Executive Officer

The Pre-need Insurance packages of Cosmopolitan Climbs (CCLPI) will roll out in the next few days and will surely help a lot of families to have that peace of mind about their future and that of their loved ones.

“A private sector and a cooperative have merged together. Our promise to the buying public is to make sure their protection is not only now but in the years to come. The public that we will be catering is not only for the people that have money but people also from all walks of life. We decided to merge together to make sure that we give protection not only for the rich people but the common people as well who need help” said Mr. Renato Dychangco, Chairman of Cosmopolitan Climbs (CCLPI).

Cosmopolitan Climbs Mr. Renato Dychangco, Jr.

Mr. Renato Dychangco, Jr., Chairman of CCLPI

Mr. Noel Raboy, President/COO of Cosmopolitan Climbs (CCLPI) believes that the merging will help a lot of people once the packages are offered to the public. He said – “With the birth of a preneed company that focuses on the life plan, it’s very exciting. We can serve a lot of people especially in the grassroots because of the affordable plans that we will offer very soon.”

Cosmopolitan Climbs Mr. Noel Raboy, President/COO of CCLPI

Mr. Noel Raboy, President/COO of CCLPI

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