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Mastering the Art of Being a Work-at-Home Mom

I’m a work-at-home mom whose chores/tasks never seem to end. There are times that I really go grumpy because there’s a lot on my plate. There are also times that I feel I have the power of Wonder Woman, I am simply amazed at myself, for having multi-tasked work, family, chores plus some more. Not many moms can accomplish a lot of things in one day, the reason is that they lack time management, thus things are piling up to their neck until they can’t take it anymore.

To help you get through the day without going crazy, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

Plan ahead and set a schedule
A mom’s list of to-dos is never empty. With the many tasks she needs to fulfill each day, a good strategy is to plan your week according to your priorities so that you get the most important things done first. Jot down those tasks on a sticky note, a notepad, or even an app on your smartphone to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Having a schedule for every day of the week helps keep everyone on track. Keep communication lines open with your husband, kids, and house help so that you can coordinate with each other about doctor appointments, family events, business meetings, or school activities. Post a calendar on your fridge or a place where everyone can see it.

Plan ahead and set schedule

Set a place of work and focus on the task
One challenge moms face when working at home is setting boundaries between work and home. Setting up a home office – it can be as simple as a desk and chair in a corner – can help establish this delineation. Let the kids know that when mommy is sitting there it means she is working and is not to be disturbed. Learn to allow chunks of time, from 20 minutes to an hour or two to solely getting work done. This way, you can be more productive, rather than multitasking on too many things that you end up doing less.

Work smart
WAHMs can work their schedule around their family. Wake up ahead of the family and get some work done during those early hours of the day when the kids are still asleep and the house is quiet. Make sure, though, that you are well rested so you have the energy for the rest of the day. You can also choose to work when you know the kids will be at school or during their nap time.

Set a place to work

Go for life hacks
There are also time-saving tools AKA life hacks that you can use for daily tasks around the house. Cleaning, for instance, can be a time-consuming chore, so simple things like using strong adhesive tape or even a lint roller to clean up dust, dirt, and crumbs on any surface, or using baking soda to easily clean stubborn dirt from your stove, refrigerator, microwave, and other kitchen appliances, will be a big help.

One of the places moms spend the most time in is the kitchen. Save some time on food preparation with clever tips like using unscented dental floss to cut soft foods like cake and cheese neatly or using ice cube trays to freeze vegetable-herb broths to make bouillons for soups and other dishes. Another time-saving tip is to peel garlic cloves with ease by placing them in a bowl with a lid and shaking the bowl hard for about 30 seconds to separate the skin from the cloves.

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As WAHMs, time management is key in juggling all your responsibilities successfully, so you can spend more quality time on the things that really matter – your family.

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