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Cowhide Rugs: Add Glamour, Sophistication and Elegance to Bathroom Decor

Cowhide rugs can add glamor, sophistication, and elegance to a bathroom décor. Their amazing versatility enables them to also enhance a rustic, casual, or country bathroom décor. The soft texture of a cow rug makes it a pleasant surface for bare feet. These rugs do not shed as do some plus, fiber-based bathroom rugs. Being hypoallergenic, cow skin rugs make it possible for people with allergies to enjoy the beauty and comfort of a rug without suffering adverse reactions.

Durability is a desirable feature in a rug regardless of what room you plan to use it in. A cow rug is easy to maintain. They seldom require more than a simple shaking to remove dust or dirt. You can refresh the rugs by occasionally brushing them with a stiff bristle brush. Spills can easy be taken care of with a soft cloth.

Cowhide rugs are available in an array of natural patterns. Black and white, white and gray and solid black rugs will complement a modern, contemporary or transitional bathroom décor. Speckled hides, hides with a reddish tone, tricolor, and brindle hides would be an attractive addition to a bathroom with a rustic or country décor. Pale brown and white hides would create a serene atmosphere in a bathroom.

Exotic décor is a popular choice for master bedrooms. You can carry that theme into the master bathroom by including a zebra print cowskin rug in the bathroom décor. A zebra print cowskin rug can also be a fun accessory for a guest bathroom. It works well with almost any color scheme.

Metallic cowhides add sparkle to a room. You can create a glamorous bathroom using chandelier lighting, elegant faucets, and fancy cabinet hardware. The light reflecting off the metallic cowhide and the luxurious softness of the rug can be the crowning glory of your glitzy, glamorous bathroom. This type of rug would be an impressive addition to a guest bathroom.

Patchwork cowhides fit well into many bathroom decors. These impressive, durable rugs are hand sewn. One of these rugs would be a unique, decorative and functional accessory for a contemporary, modern or casual décor.

In a home where cowhide rugs are used on the floor, as a wall hanging or bed covering or in any other decorative manner, adding them to the bathroom décor is a great way to unify your home’s overall décor. It’s always good to think outside the box when decorating your home. It’s those unique choices that personalize your home. Instead of including the typical stool or vanity chair in the dressing area of your master bath, you could place a cowhide dining chair there. This would tie in nicely with your cowhide rug. The same could be done in a guest bathroom. That would be an impressive design statement that your guest would always remember.

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