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Kamillosan Launched Speak Up Campaign with Sarah Geronimo #SprayWithKamillosan

How would you feel if all of a sudden you lost your voice? I’d certainly panic thinking it could be permanent! I can imagine all sorts of factors which could lead to a sore throat and eventually lose my voice and chocolate is usually the no. 1 culprit in my case, lol. Weather in the Philippines is crazy, one moment it’s scorching hot and in the afternoon, here comes the summer rain. I suffered a week long asthma attack last February due to intermittent weather and I don’t want to go thru the same thing again. I know my kids will be jumping for joy if a time comes when I’m not yakking even for a day, lol.. But they’d certainly miss my “words of wisdom” if my voice would totally go kaput. So, how do I take care of it to prevent a sore throat from occurring, aside from staying away from sweets?

I learned a ton about causes and effects of a sore throat when I attended the Kamillosan’s Speak Up campaign. Got a newfound best friend too, the all-natural Kamillosan M Spray. Listened intently to the doctors on how to avoid or treat the pesky and itchy virus/bacteria.

Kamillosan Launched Speak Up Campaign with Sarah Geronimo #SprayWithKamillosan
Dra. Ma. Clarissa Fortuna and Dr. Gabby Santos

A sore throat is normally caused by viruses or bacteria. That’s why sometimes beyond just irritation or itchiness, you feel pain in swallowing and swelling. Several other things can cause it. In a tropical country like the Philippines, there are different factors that can take a toll on your system. Changes in temperature and weather can affect your throat. Other factors of a sore throat are also airborne such as outdoor pollution, allergens in the air, smoking cigarettes, and second-hand smoking. Excessive and forceful usage of your voice can also cause muscle strain.

Kamillosan M Spray, as discussed by Dr. Gabby Santos, is an all-natural sore throat spray solution. I have tried several medicinal, over the counter throat sprays as well as lozenges, made things worse.

Kamillosan M Throat Spray

Kamillosan M Spray contains 8 active ingredients – Chamomile extract, Methyl salicylate, Peppermint oil, Sage oil, Anise oil, dwarf pine needle oil, Bergamot oil, Cineol. These all-natural ingredients work together in fighting and treating sore throat. Its main ingredient, Chamomile, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce pain, swelling, and redness. Combined with the anti-bacterial effects of essential oils such as Peppermint, Sage, and Bergamot, Kamillosan M is highly suited for sore throat relief.

While waiting for the event to start, guests were requested to participate in the Kamillosan video booth, and record their answers to the question, “How do you encourage people with the power of your voice?” These videos were then shown at the end of the program and uploaded on the brand’s official Facebook page, Kamillosan PH.

But the voice that got everyone speaking up was Kamillosan’s newest endorser – Sarah Geronimo. She charmed everyone in her grand entrance as she powerfully sang and captured hearts, as she always does. Sarah also shared her own singing journey which highlighted how she learned to be an inspiration and motivation to others by power of voice and positivity – making her the perfect fit for Kamillosan’s Speak Up campaign.

Kamillosan Launched Speak Up Campaign with Sarah Geronimo #SprayWithKamillosan

“The essence of our campaign is to really encourage people to speak up with the help of Kamillosan. Just like Sarah, we hope to inspire people to pursue their passion without any hindrance along the way, especially sore throat,” shared Patty Nuqui, Marketing Director of Kamillosan.

“We are truly proud and delighted to have this opportunity to not just introduce a product we support and believe in, but to have Kamillosan take the higher ground and mean more to people than just a product for sore throat,” A. Menarini Philippines’ General Manager, Ninia Torres, added.

The event ended on a high note, with some of the guests creating cheers that captured the essence of Kamillosan and the Speak Up campaign.

To know more about Kamillosan, visit and like /KamillosanPH on Facebook.

Kamillosan M Spray is from A. Menarini Philippines, which belongs to one of the largest Italian biopharmaecutical groups, Menarini.
Kamillosan is available in all leading drugstores nationwide at Php428.00 SRP. A 15mL bottle of Kamillosan is good for 104 sprays.

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