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Be Your Beautiful Self – Celebrate #RealBeauty with Dove

I was once an ugly duckling.. thin as a stick, no curves, boyish and dressed like one, dark skinned, and used to frown a lot. It was as if a huge burden was on my shoulder, thus eventually led to being a loner. High school life was a mix of ups and downs, I was just strong-willed which helped me cope up with any bad situation.

My outlook on life changed when I started working. All of a sudden, the big world seemed rosy and more acceptable. Then, it hit me! The girls in the office envied me for my skin color and stick-figure! Most of all, I was a hit with the boys! Came to realize my uniqueness and used it to my advantage, the good way. Long gone are the days where what others think matter and deeply affected me. I have come to accept me for what I am, for what I have become – for who will love me unconditionally but myself.

I have been celebrating my #RealBeauty for many decades now. And guess what, it feels so damn good!

Celebrate #RealBeauty with Dove

This timely trip down memory lane was prompted when I got the personalized package above from Dove Philippines. With the Miss Universe hype slowly dying down, women must continue to see their beautiful selves!

Celebrate #RealBeauty with Dove

The note inside just reconfirmed that I am on the right track – loving myself, continuously embracing my true beauty and never stopping to inspire others to do the same. I needed guidance, support, love, understanding and a kick in the butt when I was young, for not believing in my inner beauty, which we all know will ultimately lead to an outer glow of beauty.

Celebrate #RealBeauty with Dove

With the help of these Dove products, I can steadily be my own kind of beautiful. With Dove by my side, I will always feel confidently beautiful… with a heart… Be unique, Be You!

Celebrate #RealBeauty with Dove

Now that I have this chance to share my experiences, I will use this medium to reach out to all the girls out there who are feeling disappointed with the lack of superficial beauty. It is only in acceptance that you will truly see the #RealBeauty in you!

Celebrate #RealBeauty with Dove

Let’s celebrate all types of beauty, for #RealBeauty is Universal! Join the Dove Philippines campaign and let your family and friends know that they are beautiful in their own way by logging on to

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