Warner TV: Four Big Favorite Series Return!

The first quarter of 2016 is full-packed at Warner TV as four big titles return as well as adding a new fan-favorite hero themed series! My whole family is hooked at Warner TV especially The Flash and ARROW and we don’t wanna miss a single episode. Prime time TV viewing is always a treat for us!

Here’s a recap on each show to help you get back on track:

Gotham S2, returns March 1

Warner TV Gotham

James Gordon learns from Oswald Cobblepot that he is now a fugitive for assaulting Theo Galavan. To save Bruce Wayne, Gordon breaks into Theo’s residence with the help of Bullock, Alfred, Cobblepot and Selina Kyle.

Warner TV Gotham 3

After defeating the Order, Gordon and Cobblepot took Theo to the docks and murdered him. Theo’s body is discovered by the Wayne Enterprises and brings his corpse to Indian Hill, the place where Fish Mooney’s body is also being kept. Scientists say that Professor Strange will be experimenting on Theo’s corpse.
Are we finally seeing Professor Strange in action on the second half of the ‘Rise of the Villains?’ Catch the return of Gotham S2 on Tuesday, March 1 at 9pm.

Blindspot, returns March 1

Warner TV Blindspot

As the team discovers a Russian sleeper cell operation where Russian agents get their targets to marry them, they also find out that the red-haired woman they’re looking for is one of them, and her mission is to eliminate targets deemed unpatriotic to Russia. They find her and Weller and Jane are able to take her down after a heavy fight.

Warner TV Blindspot

Afterwards, Jane is kidnapped by Carter and his men who waterboard her for information, caused her to remember encountering Carter in her life before as he mentioned “Orion.” She is saved by the mysterious man with the tree tattoo who reveals a video to Jane which leaves her stunned as she discovers that it is herself who orchestrated everything, including her own memory loss.

What could be Jane’s reason for taking her own memories away? And where would this revelation bring her? Find out on the return of Blindspot on Tuesday, March 1 at 9:50pm.

iZOMBIE S2, Wednesdays at 9pm

Warner TV iZombie

Before being murdered by mobster money courier Mary Contreras, vigilante crime fighter ‘The Fog’ was on a task to prevent a weapon shipment for Mr. Boss. Clive takes on the case, with Liv under the influence of The Fog’s brain. Liv disguises as a vigilante and tries to bust the weapon shipment herself.

Warner TV iZombie

Meanwhile, Ravi finds that his cured rat has turned back into a zombie. Would Major and Blaine revert to zombies or will they more cure? Find out on iZombie S2, Wednesdays at 9pm.

ARROW S4, Thursdays at 9pm

Warner TV The Arrow

Just as when Oliver’s campaign starts an initiative to clean up the Star City bay, Darhk sends a drone shooting the citizens at the campaign. He also crashes in Oliver’s campaign holiday party, kidnapping Diggle, Felicity and Thea who were safely rescued afterwards.

Warner TV The Arrow

Oliver proposes to Felicity, who accepts. But Darhk’s men shoot up Oliver’s limo hitting Felicity. Was it Felicity who lies beneath the grave shown in the Season 4 premiere? Catch ARROW S4, Thursdays at 9pm.

… And here’s What’s New on Warner TV!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Fridays at 9pm

Warner TV DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

When heroes are no longer enough to save the Earth from evil elements, who would be humanity’s last hope? From the creators of Warner TV’s other hit superhero series – The Flash and ARROW, the series opens with time-travelling rogue, Time Master Rip Hunter in the year 2166.

Hunter sees the immortal Vandal Savage on the verge of his final victory – bringing total chaos and utter destruction. This abomination pushes Hunter to take matters into his own hands and travels 150 years into the past to assemble a team of carefully-selected heroes and rogues to stop Savage.

Warner TV  DC's LEGENDS of Tomorrow

The 16-episode series features a combination of characters and even villains from The Flash and ARROW, along with new heroes from the DC Comics pantheon: Ray Palmer a.k.a The Atom, Sara Lance a.k.a White Canary, Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold and his partner Mick Rory a.k.a. Heat Wave, Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson forming the meta-human Firestorm, and Kendra Saunders a.k.a. Hawkgirl and Carter Hall a.k.a. Hawkman.

Don’t miss the action! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow runs on the same day as the U.S., every Friday, 9pm at Warner TV.

Warner TV is available on SKYcable Channel 77, SKYcable HD Channel 197,Cignal HD Channel 119, Destiny Cable (Digital) Channel 77, Destiny Cable (Analog) Channel 80, and Cable Link Channel 30. For more updates on the best in action, comedy and drama, follow on facebook.com/WarnerTVAsia.

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