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Pamper Your Skin with Casa de Lorenzo Natural Castile Liquid Soaps

Nowadays, people are going ga-ga for products made from so called “organic”, “all natural” and “paraben free” formulas, some drastically changing their lifestyles in order to live longer the healthy way.

Who would want to use/consume goods that have gone through “unsafe chemical process” moreso contain ingredients such as preservatives, alcohol and other dangerous chemicals. True that prior to the “paraben-free” hype, for many decades most of us were using personal products such as bath essentials, perfumes and cosmetics containing harmful ingredients and we didn’t even made a fuss.

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A few years ago, when the use of parabens had been linked to breast cancer, people started checking out labels and making a conscious effort to find alternative products that are all natural or made from organic materials.

Thank you to companies such as Casa de Lorenzo (House of the Lorenzos) for joining the bandwagon, sharing their family’s exclusive products to which a few will be reviewed below and for helping with the advocacy, making the world a bit safer for consumers.


Casa de Lorenzo is the Spanish translation of “House of the Lorenzos.” Originally, our products were enjoyed exclusively by the family, relatives and friends. Now, we share the luxuries and benefits of our natural products to everyone.

Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps, Oils and Aromatics provides premium Natural Liquid Soaps, Carrier Oils and Essential Oils in the Philippines. Discover the wonderful benefits of going natural and indulge your senses with the real thing from nature, by nature.


Casa de Lorenzo offers these products below and full details can be found on their website –

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About 2 years ago a friend came home from the US, gave me this not so popular brand of shampoo and conditioner, saying that they’re “paraben-free”. Not really fond of using imported hair products but tried them anyway. The experience and results were unexpected but I found my chemically damaged hair so soft and manageable compared to the usual turnout. Thus prompted me to do an extensive research on paraben which led me to more knowledge about other harmful chemicals. So shocked when I read the ingredients of my then deo, shampoo, lotion, hair treatment, cosmetics and the list goes on. Discarded most of them, of course and from then on, I made sure to check each and every label and hubby understands why it’s taking me hours to do personal shopping, lol.

When Casa de Lorenzo sent me 2 of their products for review, I didn’t hesitate and used them because they’re all natural. Here’s my take….

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Lemongrass Manila Castile Soap

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  • Heavenly scent for me because I’m inlove with anything with Lemongrass!
  • Perfect Aromatherapy for those with tired and aching muscles.
  • I use it once a week and with a loofah which helps shed off dead skin cells.
  • So easy to rinse off unlike other liquid soaps.
  • After wash, skin is velvety soft and smooth. No need to follow on with body lotion.
  • Lemongrass is a great germ fighter thus protecting your skin too!

 photo Lemongrass-Castile-Liquid-Soap_zps3kfdogls.jpg


  • Runny or watery form. I understand that it’s because of the natural properties and that’s a good thing but I hope they can come up with a creamy one with the same ingredients.
  • Since it’s watery, you tend to use more thus a 250ml bottle may not last long if you’re using it every day.
  • Low suds. Some people may not like it (but I do!) coz they’re used to bubbly baths. For me, that makes it easier to rinse off thus saving excessive use of water trying to remove that slippery and soapy feel.
  • Pricey. Yeah it’s a bit pricey for me but you want all natural, right? Great products doesn’t come cheap!

Coffee Dark Castile Soap

 photo Coffee-Castile-Soap_zpsgr38smyy.jpg


  • If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll go crazy over this liquid soap!
  • Watery when poured but a bit creamy once you work it up, which is awesome for me coz I can cover my whole body in coffee!
  • Used this once a week too (without loofah) and greatly enjoyed my bath sessions, lol..
  • The scent was so delightful and the experience was as if I’m in coffee heaven!
  • Low suds. This time, you will all be pleased because it won’t take long to wash it off.
  • Same with Lemongrass, you don’t need to put on your usual lotion because you can instantly feel your skin softer and smoother.
  • All senses awake. As with drinking coffee, your whole senses will be wakened by this experience.

 photo Dark-Coffee-Castile-Soap_zpsw7ohxjjw.jpg


  • if you don’t like coffee, don’t try this because you will freak out with it all over your bode. But, if you want to experience the amazing results, you’re most welcome to indulge.
  • After smell. The only thing that I don’t want is smelling like freshly brewed coffee after a well-relaxing bath, lol. So ladies, don’t use this if you have plans on having an intimate night with your partners, hahahaha. BUT, yep, there’s a solution to this – wait at least 30 minutes and the after smell will be gone. Then, spray on your fave perfume and you’re ready for intimacy!

Overall Experience

I’m glad I was able to try this new craze in town because it totally changed my notion of liquid soaps. Pricey, yes, but as mentioned above, you won’t get the best products and the best positive results if you are not willing to spend. It’s all natural and knowing that I am not using chemicals on my body is reason enough for a re-buy or re-purchase.

You won’t regret trying this because it gives your mind and body the relaxation it needs. I actually tried both products while in my bath tub, ended up using half bottle of each hahaha, but hey, I just wanna see if I can soak in to gain full experience, lol. It was a blast! Funny thing is, I remembered to take a pic just when I was all comfy in the tub and said never mind on both occasions hahaha.

Anyway, both products are 2 thumbs up for me and I can’t wait to try the other variants of Casa de Lorenzo’s Castile Soaps and oh, their oils! I’m sure I will have more awesome experiences with their oils especially Lavender and Peppermint! Got them on my list already..

If you want to know more about Casa de Lorenzo and their products, please do visit them below:

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