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Health Benefits Offered by Regular Carpet Cleaning

We all know that having your carpets cleaned regularly will improve their overall appearance. However, people often do not consider the various health benefits that can be achieved by cleaning your carpet. There is no question that as good as carpets look, they can become a health hazard if they are not properly tended to. Since the health of your family is at stake, it just makes good sense to have them cleaned on a regular basis. Here are some of the significant health benefits offered by regular carpet cleanings.

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1. Dust mite pollution will be minimized

No matter how thoroughly and often you clean your carpeting, dust mites will always be present. Their impact on the health of you and your family can be greatly minimized with regular cleanings. However, it is not only the dust mites themselves that you need to worry about. The waste products left by the dust mites are also a major contaminant that lowers the quality of air in a home, causing people to become sick and have difficulty breathing. It is important to have these waste products removed from your home as often as possible.

2. Elimination of trapped pollutants

The Environmental Protection Agency says that dirty carpets are capable of collecting various indoor pollutants. These can include dust, lead, pet dander, dirt and cockroach allergens. Gases that are airborne and toxic are able to become bonded to these particles, becoming trapped within the fibers of your carpet. When the carpet is walked on or vacuumed, it causes the release of these toxic gases. This will make the air in your home hazardous to breathe. Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn is capable of killing harmful bacteria by the use of specially designed carpet shampoos.

3. The amount of mold spores will be reduced

Every household spills milk or other liquids on their carpet from time to time. However, this innocent type of accident can have devastating consequences to the health of the people living in the house. When a carpet becomes moist, it turns into an area that is ideal for mold to breed in. Needless to say, a carpet filled with mold is going to result in breathing problems for you and your family when the mold spores get launched into the air. Giving your carpet a deep cleaning will be able to remove all of the harmful mold spores that have become deeply embedded in the fibers of the carpet.

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