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Music as a Great Stress Buster!

Stereos and components are one of the most common appliances found at home. Well, I own two of them and really good companions to fight off boredom and relieve stress as well. As I was looking at our 2 year old entertainment system, something’s missing! Then, it hit me! Missing are the standsandmounts stereo stands for my beloved stereos.

standsandmounts stereo stands

You see, whenever I feel bored and left with nothing else to do, I just spend my leisure time in our living room listening to various CDs of genres I’ve collected. I have my own collections of love songs, rock, RnB, classical, jazz, pop and old songs. It’s really a hobby, burning fave songs into CDs and listening to them when I have time. I don’t know why, but whenever I hear my favorite songs, they wipe out my boredom away and I feel much relaxed.

Actually, I play songs according to my current mood. For example, if I feel lonely, I’ll listen to slow music or love songs. It really reveals my inner feelings and the memories just flow back in smoothly. But whenever I feel happy and lively, I prefer listening to fast music which will add more energy and make me alive all the way. Ironic, isn’t it? But that’s how it works for me. Honestly, music at times makes my world go round.

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