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Having A Cruise Vacation With A Baby

Taking a long, luxurious cruise doesn’t always require the need for a long-term baby-sitter and many cruise options are well-equipped for those travelling with babies. Cruise vacations are perfect activities for families who want to try something new and achieve a holiday break that they won’t forget and, indeed, some even cater exclusively to a younger generation.

Packing List

You’re hardly going to be able to pop to the shops in case of an emergency so come thoroughly prepared. Bring formula (plus extra), enough bottles, baby food (don’t rely on the cruise line to provide), disposable nappies and bibs and, of course, plenty of relevant medication to keep the baby healthy and happy. Jarred baby food, brought from home, will be ideal but some companies may puree solid food for you and your child.

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The Cruise Line

Before you have even begun, make sure you’re planning on booking a family friendly cruise line, so they’re able to provide you with the most basic of services. Disney Cruise vacation is, obviously, a good option, but other pristine services, such as Royal Caribbean, also have great family services. There should be workshops, baby-sitting services, trained nurses and schemes devised to make the cruise as stress-free as possible, taking into account you and your little ones.


Once on-board, be sure to scope out the required services such as the nursery and ensure it fits your needs. It also goes without saying that, whilst it’s fine to let babies explore on open decks and spaces, never, ever, lose sight of them or let them stray close to open railings. An umbrella stroller works best, keeping your child safe from the railings and protected from the sun’s heat during the day.

Taking a baby on-board a cruise needs to be right for you and your child, meaning that the cruise line will have to have the adequate facilities and care to provide the necessary aid. That being said, it’s a wonderfully stress-free chance to spend some quality time as a family and set about creating priceless memories.

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