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Decorate Your Home With Poster Frames

I know most of us want to have a beautiful home but sometimes, budget becomes a problem. A lot of things come to mind when decorations are concerned and we mostly want to place items that could either enhance the colours of the living  room wall or bring life to a dull one. The receiving area is the “first frontier” of our home and it must be welcoming and exudes happiness, apart from saying what kind of people lives there.

Poster Frames

So, since you probably know that repainting the wall and ceiling or colourful seats can give justice to your living room, maybe you haven’t thought about hanging poster frames can also liven the area, do you? Well, it truly does, more so if you have great works of art or even limited edition movie posters. Those beautiful art works kept in your storage room can do wonders to a dull guest area. The movie posters you have collected thru the years and hidden in your closet for such a long time may be very valuable now and would surely look great hanging in your theater or entertainment area.

But, you can’t just paste or glue those posters on the wall, it will ruin the essence besides, it won’t look that great. So, what you must do is, find a store where you can have them framed and on a budget. Choose frames that would highlight the colours and entirety of the poster, something that could bring it more alive and more striking. Colours must be blended or closely similar to what you obviously see in the posters. Ask for suggestions because the store would definitely know which frame is more suitable. Though, check your budget and see if it’s not too much because there are frames that will cost you more than expected.

I’ve actually tried this when I was younger. I used to collect movie posters and had them framed. They surely made my sleepless nights bearable because I kept on imagining that I was one of the characters, lol. You can also do this with different cartoon characters and hang them in your children’s room.

You can think of many things to use frames for, be it a cross stitched  garden, your kids’ diplomas or a fave star’s photo. But make sure it’s suitable to the place where you wish to hang it.

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  1. md kennedy says:

    Great idea – I will take a frame and make a collage of pictures I have collected but cannot fit into any photo albums.

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