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Brighten Up Your Patio With Plants

If you have a patio, a lanai or an al fresco living area, then you must make it beautiful and pleasing to the eye. This is where you usually hang out to take a breather or chat with your family or friends.

One of the things you can do is add plants. It can be hanging or a stand alone. Some like using live plants, which need nurturing every now and then. Others prefer fake ones but also need dusting and cleaning once a month.

Outdoor hanging Plants

You can use outdoor hanging plants like orchids, be it live or fake. Orchids have this beautiful colours which can enhance your patio, of course, that can be said of the living orchids and not of the fake. In a corner, you can put a large pot of Purple Agapanthus and on the center table, a beautiful Orchid Phalaenopsis Double-Spike, will do wonders!

Plants can help liven up that area, especially if you have nothing else to offer like soft cushioned colourful chairs and a nice table. You can also do the hanging basket yourself or the plant box or pot. You just have to be creative, this way you can save money.

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