Leather Purses and Wallets

Some women fancy colourful purses and some may be seen clutching a leather wallet, but not just a cheap wallet rather an elegant expensive one.

Leather Purses and Wallets Leather Purses and Wallets

What’s inside the purse or wallet is a woman’s personal belongings, of course. But, once she walks in the room, all eyes are fixed on the purse not because they want to know what’s inside, instead want to know – “how on Earth did she get that limited edition designer purse?!” or some would say – ” I bet that purse is worth thousands of dollars!”. I can imagine jaws dropping while she walks to her table, lol. And, let’s not forget the green envious eyes gleaming with hate ha ha ha

So, what are these purses and wallets made of? They are made of leather and some are from synthetic materials. Leather wallets though have it’s huge disadvantage over synthetic and I’m sure if you are a lady, you’d know that. Aside from being a little expensive, it’s durability is beyond compare. It can last for many years and is not easily subjected to wear and tear.

Leather Purses and Wallets

Where do leather materials come from? They come from animals and manufactured from pigskin, cowhide, lizards, bucks and ostrich, just to name a few. They can be found in the markets and department stores and in many shapes and sizes. Some purses have patterns from snakeskin, crocodiles and alligators, this makes it more unique and expensive. You can also choose from different styles and colours. Leather, if you don’t know yet, doesn’t only come in one colour – brown. It has many colours and designs.

I have friends who go to parties wearing matching purse and dress and sometimes their hats are of the same shade too. It’s funny sometimes, seeing a woman walking in a busy street wearing all yellow outfit. But, at least they can carry themselves well.

Popular purses and wallets are French purse, framed clutch, soft clutch credit card purse are some of the popular types of leather purses amongst women.

Leather Purses and Wallets

Men do use leather wallets also but are not as meticulous as women. They don’t care if it’s cheap or just bought in some sidewalk because it’s always hidden in their pockets. But for me, I don’t buy my husband just a wallet though it doesn’t cost as much as a designer one, lol. Well, a wallet mirrors what kind of man is carrying it. If it’s cheap or slightly torn or faded, it means that maybe that man isn’t vain, doesn’t care at all, don’t have the money to buy an expensive or new one or doesn’t care about personal hygiene.

You must choose wisely when selecting for a purse or wallet. It silently speaks about the person holding it. Be it not so expensive or it’s ultra pricey, make sure that you wear it with the proper outfit.

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