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Smoking cigarettes is hazardous to one’s health. People know that and they still smoke. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a smoker or a former smoker dies every 6.5 seconds. In the early days, smoking was not done for pleasure. Smoking was a way for shamans and witch doctors to achieve a higher spiritual state, which they believed to be a trance that allows them to contact the spirit world. Smoking was a part of a ritual and was not done as a form of recreation. Today, people only smoke because they like how it feels and the adrenalin rush. Smoking causes lung diseases such as emphysema, lung cancer, vascular stenosis and even heart attack. Smoking can be hazardous to one’s health in excessive amounts, even if it’s just an occasional thing.

Cigars are still one of the best gifts for men. Some women would give their husbands La Flor Dominicana Cigars which are known as one of the finest cigars made in the world. Its name is inspired by the flower of the tobacco plant, La Flor Dominicana (the Dominican Flower) which when blooms signifies that the plant is ready for reproduction. The cigar is manufactured by a company in the Dominican Republic. It is created by a jeweler turned cigar maker named Litto Gomez Diez, who also happens to own the company which manufactures it.

Smoking has been a part of our culture, but people should learn how to control their intake so as not to pose a threat to their health and to the health of those around them. Today, in an effort to be more eco friendly, tobacco companies have come out with eco-friendly cigarettes or green cigarettes which are said to be less harmful to the environment and will not contribute much to air pollution, however, the effects to a person’s health remains the same. People are very much aware of the effects of smoking and yet they still do it, so perhaps they get something more out of smoking than just the feel of it.

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  1. Sharing Some Thoughts..: Smoking cigarettes is hazardous to one’s health. People know that…

  2. Thats very true and like you said people just neglect it no matter its a matter of their health. No matter how much awareness we try and bring into peoples lives across, they dont seem to care about it.

  3. Donna Martin says:

    Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for you..Electronic cigarettes have saved my friend life.he was a regular cigarette user for 16 years.

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