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UNO Premier Prime Juice: Drink Your Way to A Healthier You!

This UNO Premier Prime Juice is not your ordinary health drink. Each sachet is packed with the combination of Ponkan and Pineapple flavored drink mix, Mangosteen, GojiBerry and Stevia leaves extract. Plus, no traces of total fat (saturated, trans fat, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats) and no cholesterol. It’s also the lowest in carbohydrate and sugars that I’ve seen with any health juice drink!

UNO Premier Prime Juice

I started drinking this in September 2016 and since then, the whole family drinks at least 1 glass a day. It helped a lot in detoxification and though it’s not mainly for weight loss, you can also lose a few centimeters here and there by flushing out toxins.

My kids were always absent from school because of frequent cough and colds. Ever since I gave them UNO Premier Prime Juice during dinner time, they have more energy in the morning and seldom got the colds virus. Their constipation has been solved also maybe because their tummies have been digesting the food properly thus waste elimination is not a problem anymore.

UNO Premier Prime Juice

We don’t buy powdered juice mix in the grocery anymore because I found out that some ingredients can cause cancer. You don’t want your kids go drinking and finishing a pitcher of those.

I’ve started on a healthy lifestyle journey this year and I want them to go along with the plan. They liked the Prime Juice better than the usual and that’s a good thing! Sometimes, my little one will ask for it as his “baon” in school aside from water. Actually, he now prefers it than the tetra packed juice or chocolate drinks.

UNO Premier Prime Juice

My husband likes to make it into a smoothie, adds a few bits of apple, or even tidbits of canned pineapples, just to have a twist. It tasted pretty great actually!

What’s new with this version of Prime Juice from their UNO Local one is the addition of Stevia extracts. Perhaps that’s the reason why the sugar content in the UNO Premier Prime Juice is just 1g! It’s not sweet yet it ain’t plain or tasteless either. Diabetics like me will definitely love this juice!

Though this is not available in supermarkets or groceries, you can still try it by buying at any UNO Premier offices or website.

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