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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Home Bar Furniture

Are you hoping to add a home bar to one of your rooms? If so, you’ll need the right bar cabinet furniture to create a comfortable atmosphere.

If you enjoy inviting your friends for drinks over the weekend, a home bar is the entertainment area you should create. When choosing such furniture, homeowners must consider the material, style, and storage requirements. If looking for bar cabinet furniture, make sure it fits your space, décor, and budget.

These tips will assist you in making the right choice.

Think about the material

When selecting such furniture, buyers should pay special attention to the material of the cabinets and stools in terms of durability, maintenance, weight, comfort, and appearance. Each of these factors brings you one step closer to making the best choice of material. The most popular materials include softwood, hardwood, wicker, aluminum, HDPE lumber, etc.

For instance, softwood is popular because of being inexpensive and highly available. Nevertheless, this material doesn’t age well and isn’t resistant to spills. In contrast, hardwood is known to be more resilient, but it needs regular varnishing if kept outdoors. Wicker is another popular material, better suited for indoor instead of outdoor home bars because of its lack of durability.

Aluminum is not only resilient but also convenient to maintain. The only drawback of this material is the lightweight, which makes it vulnerable to wind. One of the most preferred choices of homeowners is unquestionably HDPE lumber. It looks stylish but feels incredibly comfortable. The maintenance of HDPE lumber requires nothing else but water and dish soap. It’s sturdy and amazingly long-lasting.

Pick the right style

After making a choice of material, the following step should be choosing the right style. The style should be in accordance with the room décor so as to blend in with the rest of the furniture. Fortunately, there are multiple styles to choose from, which can be incorporated in different decors. For example, the back bar is suitable for homeowners looking for a traditional style. It consists of three sections, an under section with refrigerator and storage, an open area, and a storage area for bottles.

The straight bar, on the other hand, looks excellent outdoors and in the kitchen. It features an open surface, underneath which there is a storage area for snacks and beverages and a refrigerator. Guests have enough legroom to feel comfortable while drinking their favorite beverages. Click here for some unforgettable kitchen bar design ideas.

The L-shape bar, as the name explains, has an angled top shaped in the form of the letter L. This style fits perfectly in different rooms, as it can be located in a room corner. It takes minimal space but accommodates many guests.

The corner bar style is an ideal alternative for homeowners dealing with a lack of space. It includes a narrow cabinet, a mini-fridge, an open area, and shelves for storing bottles. If your room is decorated in a vintage style, you are advised to choose a cabinet with a rosewood finish.

Home Bar Furniture

Consider the storage

The next point of consideration should be the type of storage. This aspect depends on the overall size of the bar and the beverage assortment of homeowners. For instance, closed cabinets are usually used for storing expensive, valuable beverages, as they keep the bottles protected. Nevertheless, if you wish to display some of the beverages, then open shelving is the best decision to make.

In addition, mini and under-counter fridges are a must for storing beer, mixers, and other drinks that need to be ice-cold. This type of storage is usually hidden from the eyes of guests. Regarding wine storage, you can either opt for a wine cabinet or a display case with a temperature control feature.

Select the right stools

The ultimate point to consider when shopping for home bar furniture is the type of stools. These are supposed to be of the right height, style, and form in order to be functional and stylish. The typical height of bar stools is between 28 and 33 inches when paired with a table between 40 and 42 inches.

Moreover, there is supposed to be a distance of a minimum of nine inches to a maximum of thirteen inches from the stool to the table. Make sure the stools you choose have footrests, as your guests’ legs might easily get tired. Also, there should be at least two feet between the stools for people to move around without feeling uncomfortable. For further assistance on choosing the right stool height, visit this link, https://homeguides.sfgate.com/select-right-bar-stool-height-73183.html.

Final word

Imagine enjoying a non-ending happy hour.

By creating a home bar, you can drink cocktails any time you want in the company of your dear friends!

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