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Things You Should Keep in Mind When Hiring an Editor

So you are a writer and you speak your mind more by writing rather than talking.  You want to speak to the whole world through a book by putting your thoughts into words. Finally, after months or years of brainstorming, and a lot of long nights and hard work, you have completed your book and you want it to be just perfect. You need to consult professional book editing services for authors to make sure there are no errors that will distract from your masterpiece.  They will refine your work and are an integral part of the book-writing process.

So how will you choose an editor for your book? Everyone will say that they are the perfect one for the job. Additionally, there are many websites out there that claim they have the best team of editors who will be just perfect for the job. Anyone can claim to be the best on the internet. But whether they’re really best suited for you is the main thing you should look for. So, here are some things which you really should consider while choosing your editor.

Is your potential editor experienced or not?

So the first thing which you really should look into while choosing your editor is whether they are experienced. Editing books is a task that really requires experience. After reading and editing a lot of books, the editors get the hang of the reader’s mind and what they want from a book. So you should really find out if they have this important experience. What is the background of your editor? How many clients have they worked with? Does your potential editor have an editing qualification, and how long have they been working in this field? And, last but certainly not least, have they ever worked with a book like yours before?

Palmetto Publishing Book Editing Services

Nowadays, anybody can easily create a WordPress site and pretend to have years of expertise and a large number of happy customers. But while choosing your editor, you need to verify their claims. So check their LinkedIn profile, ask them to provide testimonials from their earlier clients, and, if you can contact those previous clients to get more detailed information about how your editor works. And by doing research about your editor, you will be saving yourself from a lot of wasted time and money.

Will the editor be able to work within your budget and time frame?

If you are a new writer and you need the first draft of your dream book reviewed, then how much do you think you can afford? I am sure not much. You need to be aware of your budget and how it will impact your search for an editor Because while writing a book, you don’t have the luxury to spend a lot on editing. Similarly, if the “good” editor is booked out months in advance and you want your book to be on shelves as soon as possible, then you’ll have to find someone who will match your time frames.

So that being said, if you can’t find any suitable editors to work with your budget and time frame, then you should reevaluate your expectations of an editor. Editors are knowledgeable experts who can provide you with a valuable service and will bill you appropriately for the time they spend on your book. WordPressoreover, editors who are experienced and known for their work are often booked out for weeks to months in advance, so you will also have to keep that in mind while looking for a suitable editor.

Do your potential editors have samples of their previous work?

Palmetto Publishing Book Editing Services

One of the most important things you should keep in mind while choosing an editor for your book is to ask them for some samples of their previous work. Good editors will be able to provide samples.  Either they will give you samples of work they have done with their previous clients, or they might volunteer to do some edits on your work so that you can judge their work. They might show you that they have a Master’s degree in Editing and Publishing and years of experience in editing, but don’t fall for it. The only way to find out if they are cut out for the job is to see their previous work.

Do you like the editor you’re gonna work with?

Likeability won’t be the first thing you’ll wonder while choosing an editor for your book. But, I would say this is the most important element while choosing an editor. Remember, this is your creative masterpiece, so you need to make sure it’s in good hands. You will need someone who will understand your perspective, respect the message you’re trying to get out there, and be willing to work your voice, not suppress your thoughts, message, and perspective with your own.

If you feel that you two aren’t the perfect match then, maybe you’re right. And even after finding someone who is meeting the first three criteria I mentioned earlier, but the partnership doesn’t feel right to you, then keep searching until you find the one who feels right.

Writing is one of the most beautiful creative works because the writer speaks to their readers without meeting them in person, just with their thoughts and words. So if you want to ensure that your conversation with your readers is just perfect, be sure to take these things into consideration while you choose an editor to edit your masterpiece.

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