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Kohler: Why You Should Use a Shower Filter

Taking a shower is one of the ways we practice cleanliness and good hygiene. The quality of water we absorb in our bodies during a shower, however, may put us at risks instead as rapid growth in population, urbanization and industrialization degrades our water.

In the Philippines, up to 58 percent of groundwater sampled is contaminated with coliform and needs treatment, rendering it harmful to the skin. With our body absorbing three times as much water through the skin when showering than when drinking water, clean bathing water is essential.

A shower filter helps keep water for bathing clean and safe to use. What’s more, it can reduce harmful substances in the water, which in turn helps prevent skin rashes and other health problems.

Here are the other benefits of using a shower filter:

Kohler Exhale Shower Filter filters water and takes out chemical residue for a cleaner and healthier shower.

1. Makes skin feel softer and healthier

Contaminants in water such as lead and chlorine can cause skin dryness with too much exposure. A shower filter removes these harmful substances from the water, contributing to softer and healthier skin.

2. Reduces the risk of some cancers

Exposure to chlorinated water may pose dangers to the body. Continuous absorption of chlorine through the skin may increase the risk of some cancers. Showering with filtered water can help reduce this risk.

3. Prevents contamination of the air inside homes

Contaminants suspended in the air can mix with the air inside your rooms after you open the bathroom door. Installing a shower filter can help prevent this from happening by keeping the air inside your bathroom clean.

4. Reduces fatigue and improves energy

The chlorine present in water can aggravate the skin and lungs, potentially causing fatigue. Filtered water without contaminants can help improve energy levels.

5. Reduces excessive product buildup in bathrooms

Shower filters lessen the buildup of chlorine and salt in the nozzles of the shower head and corners of the bathroom. This means fewer areas of concern when cleaning the bathroom.

Developed with balanced design, usability and ergonomics in mind, the Kohler Exhale Shower Filter features a contemporary aesthetic at the same time highlights ease of use and benefits. It eliminates residual chlorine, heavy metal and other harmful substances from the shower water to produce water that’s safe for the skin.

Kohler Exhale Shower Filter

The contemporary design, which won the iF World Design Award in 2016, complements the modern bathroom, with the crystal-clear outer shell symbolic of nature’s cleanest water. The polished chrome finish is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

The Kohler Exhale Shower Filter is easy to install and replace, with no need for tools. It also features an intuitive replacement reminder and easy change filter.

A refreshing and safe shower is vital to one’s health, and a shower that helps rid the bathroom and the rest of the house of contaminants ensures the health of the family. Kohler offers bathroom essentials that can help you achieve the highest standard of hygiene. For more information, please visit www.kohler.ph.

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Ang ganda naman po nitong Kohler Exhale Shower Filter.. talagang mas masarap mag shower dahil mas filtered na yung tubig na pinapang ligo po natin kung ito ang gamit at ang daming magandang benefits sa katawan ng filtered na water..

  2. sosingerica says:

    Wow ang Ganda naman po netong shower filter mamu, akala ko po sa inumin Lang pwede Yun filter, meron din po pala sa shower. And maganda po sya dahil madami po benefits sa paggamit neto. Must have po tlaga to Para sa healthy and refreshing skin po natin. 😊
    Galing po ni Kohler, they offers bathroom essentials that can help you achieve the highest standard of hygiene. 😊👌

    1. yes meron na ding ganyan para safe din kahit mainom natin ang tubig while washing face.

    2. Jeng Manalo says:

      Ang ganda naman po pala ng shower filter na to mamu daming benifits na magagawa sa skin natin at maganda ang effects.pag ipunan ko nga bumili nito

  3. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Wow ang ganda nito mamu very useful talaga sya satin nakakatuwa yung mga benefits na makukuha mo pag may ganto ka sa bahay nyo

  4. MA D EL says:

    And ganda pala Ng benefits nitong Kohler Exhale Shower Filter,sure na safe and water na pinapanligo natin at safe din sa ibang contaminants ang house natin.

  5. Roxanne Aricaya says:

    Very nice naman etong Kohler shower filter mamu, ang sarap kasi maligo na alam mong safe at filtered ang pinapangligo mo.. dami pang benefits ng shower filter ,talagang maeensurr natin na walang water contamination at safe sya gamitin pang ligo.

  6. ellaineparame says:

    Ang galing naman ng idea natu mamu,may filter na for shower,laking tulong ito para sa ating mga kids kahit mainum nila ung tubus is safe parin sila..

  7. ariana Princess says:

    Maganda pala yan mommy. Sana soon maexperience namin yang filter

  8. ariana Princess says:

    Thank you for your feedback about that mamu

  9. Dayanara Rojas says:

    Must have para healthy ang bath time ng buong pamilya. Daming benefits recommended ko to sa mga makaka-afford.

  10. Rosebel S. De Vera says:

    Wow meron plang ganto. Galing ska ang ganda.
    Ok pla to dhil may mga benefits tlga sya. Sna makabilii kmii soon👌😁😍

  11. leahlatagangmailcom says:

    Wow ang nice naman netong Kohler shower filter mamu,ang dami pang benefits ng shower filter ,safe sya gamitin at lalong mapapasarap pa ang pag ligo.

  12. WoW! that’s great to know about this daming benifits nitong Kohler Shower Filter swak na swak sa family ko lalo nasa mga kids at apo ko 👍😍❤

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