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BellaVita: A Low-cost Housing for Hardworking People

A story of a single parent with 3 kids who only wishes to give her children the best she can.

I am a single parent of three wonderful kids, my husband passed away two years ago. Life became extra tough for me in the past years, I need to work harder to provide all the needs of my children and to sustain our living. Paying our monthly bills for electricity, water consumption, and the rent in our apartment that we used to live was never easy for all of us. I got tired of paying my bills, especially in our apartment rent every month. 

Aside from my regular job, I also entered the online selling business to earn extra income. While I am online on facebook, I searched for affordable house and lot for sale in Laguna there are many other real estate developers shown on the search results and I came across the advertisement of BellaVita Land Corporation, a real estate developer that provides low-cost housing for hardworking people and middle-class families.

Bella Vita San Pablo Laguna

I went to their website to look for other details. I contacted one of their agents to set an appointment because I am interested in it. After talking to their agent and seeing the unit, I can say that their houses fit my income.

Right now, we are happily living in a peaceful and safe community of BellaVita.

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  1. Jaycelyn amul says:

    Wow..mkhang mganda to..pangarap din nming mgasawa n mgkroon ng sariling mkpagumpisa at mgkroon mgandang buhay pra s buong family😍

  2. Nikkie Pepito says:

    Wow Sana makapundar 😍😍😍 para my pang ganto hehe

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    IG @nikkiepepito
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    Twitter @NikkiePepito


  3. Sarah Arikashikari says:

    Pangarap ko din magkabahay ng sarili..currnetly we are still living with my in laws…ang hirap kasi talaga ngaun ang daming requirements ang kailangan..😒

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