AXA Asset Master

Preserve your Business Legacy with AXA’s Asset Master

Owning a business is not a walk in the park – you have to be on top of your operations 24/7, you constantly have to make crucial business decisions, and you have employees who rely on you for their livelihood.

But what will happen in case of the untimely demise of a key employee? A new executive will have to take over. But it may take months before you could find a suitable replacement, and a temporary loss of profit could happen. To make matters worse, other key contributors might resign when they sense a possible slump, and your creditors and investors may lose a little confidence.

To help companies prepare for this scenario, AXA, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, introduces Asset Master as keyman insurance. As keyman insurance, Asset Master is designed to ensure business continuity and smooth transition with the availability of funds from insurance proceeds in case of the loss of a key person. 

“Accidents and critical illnesses, which can potentially lead to an untimely demise, are a reality of life. As a business owner, the most important legacy he/she can leave his/her company is to keep it afloat and successful. AXA aims to be the company’s partner every step of the way through Asset Master as keyman insurance,” says AXA Philippines president and CEO Rahul Hora

AXA Asset Master

This single-pay, investment-linked insurance plan allows you to maintain smooth business operations with 125% guaranteed life insurance coverage of your one-time payment, which can be used to cover the loss of profit, recruit and train the keyman successor, and sustain good credit rating.

Asset Master as keyman insurance also allows you to diversify your investment portfolio with access to globally diverse funds. Its investment funds are tailored to suit your risk profile while giving your portfolio a global exposure.

Lastly, it supports business growth by allocating investment gains to expand and upgrade facilities via partial withdrawal while maintaining the insurance coverage of the keyman. Preserve your business legacy with the AXA Asset Master. To know more, talk to an AXA financial advisor by visiting the nearest Metrobank, PSBank or AXA branch, or email

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