Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System
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Still Shaving? Strip It!

I started shaving my legs in high school, just for fun. Yeah, I know it was a foolish act but I really didn’t like it hairy. When waxing salons sprouted like mushrooms, I did try it a few times but it was like I was tormenting myself, haha, so I stopped. Went back to shaving whenever I have to until I got to try the Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System.

You see, this was the state of my leg hair and it’s really disgusting haha especially when left unattended. Last April, I was sick for a few weeks so I had to let it grow. Then, the Strip It! package arrived so when I was finally able to move around, I tried it.

Strip It DIY Hair Removal System

Honestly, I was scared coz I can still remember the feeling of painful waxing. So, I tried it on a small portion, you know, just to have a feel. Good thing though, it wasn’t all that bad and only teeny weeny pain that’s very tolerable. So, I did it all the way!

Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System 1

Of course I had to see if it’s effective on the first strip otherwise, I would have not gone all the way ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, no fuss at all! I just slowly and gently pulled the stripping paper and voila! no hair on that area! Woot!

Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System 2

Unwanted hair is a bummer especially if you want to wear a sleeveless or shorts or if you’re going to wear a swimsuit. Hair removal is now easier with Strip It! If you don’t have the time to go to a waxing salon like me or go for laser hair removal coz you don’t have the budget,ย #stripitsugaringย is a great option!

Strip It Hair Removal Sugaringย is a DIY hair removal skin care system which can help give you smooth, silky skin that you just want to flaunt this summer! The secret is in the formula – tough on the hair but gentle on skin. It also has skin-loving extracts to keep it not just hair-free but also fair and well-moisturized.

I used the newest cult fave wax toย #stripitnaturallyย which is the Chocolate with Calamansi and Cacao extracts. It’s the one to use for coarse hair. The original wax is for fine and normal hair types.
Prices are for 80g – P130; 150g – P200; 300g – P295

Another not so secret tip to waxing efficiently and smoothly is the after-process products you can use such as below:

Strip It! DIY Hair Removal System

Strip It Aloe Vera Gel – to be used right after waxing so that it will soothe any redness, irritation and certain sensations associated with waxing. Priced at 50ml – P84; 100ml – P159

Strip It Oh Scrrrub – a rich, highly exfoliating yet soothing body scrub with natural apricot seed exfoliator. It has Coconut, Papay, and Pineapple extracts and is great to use 24 hours after waxing to prevent dead skin cells build-up. Priced at P385.

Strip It Bumps Away Ingrown Cream – it soothes, exfoliates, and prevents nasty ingrown hair and bumps after waxing. You can use it every day to keep ’em away. Priced at P224.

Strip It Sun and Pollution Defense Multi-Benefit SPF50 – is used to protect and defend skin from the harsh rays of the sun. It’s skincare and sunscreen in one and reef-friendly! Priced at 100ml – P389.

These products are available online at and selected retail locations. Check out the Facebook page at @stripitsugar and Instagram at @stripitsugaring.

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