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7 Reasons Why Parents Buy Essays for Their Children

Are you wondering why some parents help their kids out in school with their essays? It’s not uncommon for most parents to try and help their kids get through college by doing what’s necessary even if it means buying articles for them. Ridiculous right?


College students need every help they can get to see them through school. Aside from financial aid, helping them blend into the system properly is one-way parents can support their kids.

Most college first-year students have poor knowledge of writing formal essays. Here is where their parents can help. Before they get to grab the requirements of writing an excellent essay, parents help them buy essays and get experienced writers to coach them.

When embarking on formal writing, it is not difficult to make some expensive mistakes. That is why it is essential to stick to official writing rules. It does make a difference if the writing is for your school project or a project at your workplace; the general formal writing rules still apply strictly.

To make your work look professional, you have to be aware of and avoid
grammatical errors. Failure to observe the set down rules will cause you to produce a low-quality job, and your reputation will be at stake. The quality of your work has to be top-notch since you are trying to create a good impression on your contract proposal or grant request.
Check out some of the reasons why fresh college students can’t write their
essays themselves, hence the help from their parents.

Check out some of the reasons why fresh college students can’t write their
essays themselves, hence the help from their parents.


There is no room for ambiguity when writing a report. You have to go straight to the point to address the issues by pointing out the problems, making your analysis and getting results of your review, and then you make a conclusion based on your findings. Also, it is expected of you to recommend tips for better improvement.

Poorly written Information will end up placing focus on generalities and lack the focus on addressing the main issue. When it comes to health papers, content is very vital. Also, your choice of reference is also essential. An incorrect reference can take you away from the main issue and thus, make you lose focus on the main focus of the paper.

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There is no need for using plenty of words when writing a health paper. In fact, the use of plenty of unnecessary words is a sign that you are not a professional writer. As much as you can, try to avoid the use of many words.

Always be concise and straight to the point in your use of words. Also, there is no need to repeat the same phrase or sentence over again. You should do away with this because it doesn’t portray you as a professional. Each sentence in your content should have fresh ideas, not a repetition of what you’ve said earlier.

Inappropriate Language

This is formal writing, and the use of inappropriate language is not allowed. That makes the mistake of including slang or informal language in your paper because it will pass on the message that you are not a professional.

Remember that the aim is to write professional content. Thus, the use of these natural languages are not allowed.

Stilted Prose

A lot of writers make use of complicated words to impress their writers. The truth is that, if you are not careful, this may backfire. You will end up not communicating with your audience.

Instead of going for those big and complicated words, always go for easy words which a reader can understand quickly.

Stressing Problems Instead of Solutions

Remember that this is a health paper and anybody reading the paper is
interested in getting a solution. It will be wrong for you to place much emphasis on the problems and threats instead of providing a possible solution to your reader.

In some cases, your audience may find it offensive and will end up not appreciating the effort you made to write the paper. Instead of making the focus be on the problem, talk a bit about the issues focus more on the solution and preventative measures to be taken.

Poor Grammar and Spelling

Typographical and grammatical errors can spoil your papers faster than you think. Regardless of whether it is a report you are writing or a school project, once it contains these errors above, it will be regarded as low quality.

That is why you need to double check your work and if possible gives your work to a third person to cross-check your project for mistakes. There are online tools like Grammar that can help you with keeping track of these errors.

Lack of Appropriate Supporting Information

The citation is significant when writing a report. Also, the use of instances,
graphs and charts are critical. People will hardly believe you if you don’t support you’re writing with these. Ensure that you provide adequate information to support research work.

Now you know the reasons why most parents help their kids by buying essay papers online and getting professional writers to coach them in their first year of college.

Now, they maybe judgments on the moral aspect of these actions, but it is worthy to note that this is in no way cheating. Supporting your kids through difficult times is the primary objective of every parent.

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