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Johnson’s Playcation Time

Summertime is playtime and parents know how their kids can get so dirty playing outdoors. I’d rather labor washing uber dirty and stained clothes knowing my boys enjoyed quality time playing with other kids than see them from morning til dusk glued to their gadgets. And now, no more problems with summer sweat coz of the new Johnson’s Baby Active bath products!

Johnson's Playcation Time

Zee got a chance to interact and play with other kids last May 19th at SM Southmall. Johnson’s built an Active Kids Playcation playground where children were able to form strong bonds with their parents, got more creative, became more resilient and confident, freely expressed themselves and developed their social skills.

Johnson's Playcation Time

Imagine & Seek – where children used their imagination and thinking skills to replicate an image using just rubber mats.

Johnson's Playcation Time

Fireball Away – challenged a child’s balance, agility, and cognitive skills by dodging “fireballs” to get to the other end of the platform without failing.

Johnson's Playcation Time

Dragon Maze – fueled a child’s sense of motivation to win by collecting all hidden items within a specific amount of time.

Johnson's Playcation Time

Little Builder’s City – encouraged the use of imagination and creativity by allowing children to design and build their own fortresses.

Johnson's Playcation Time

After playing these games, parents need not worry about sweat, body odor nor bacteria with the following new Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh products which they looked forward to trying once home and bath time.

Johnson’s Baby Shiny Drops Shampoo and Conditioner P131/200ml

For girls’ crowning glory, and there’s nothing more close to feeling like a princess as they play with other girls than having a shiny and beautiful hair.

Johnson's Playcation Time - Johnson's Baby Shiny Drops Shampoo and Conditioner

Johnson’s Baby Shiny Drops Shampoo has the unique No More Tears formula, and contains micro capsules of silk proteins and argan oil to help restore hair’s natural shine and luminosity.

Johnson’s Active Fresh Shampoo (P131/200ml) and Active Fresh Bath (P91.25/200ml)

Johnson's Playcation Time - Johnson's Active Fresh Shampoo and Bath

Johnson’s Active Fresh Shampoo was designed for long lasting freshness. This mild, easy lather and non-irritating formula is infused with Active Fresh technology to help prevent sweat turning smelly while it deeply cleanses hair and scalp, so your kids can stay fresh and smells irresistible even after playtime.

The Johnson’s Active Fresh Bath is best for the active kids as it keeps them smelling fresh as they play longer. It’s mild, easy lather and rinse formula is uniquely infused with Active Fresh technology to instantly eliminate smelly sweat on skin, leaving it clean and fresh all day long.

Try these new Johnson’s Baby variants perfect for your active kids and keep the fun this summer!

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