Climate Reality Project: Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy Campaign

This advocacy is close to my heart because I love the world we live in and I have children. I don’t want my kids to suffer in the future where pollution is looming, unclean air, floods every where, disasters and calamities all around the world. I want them to experience to breathe fresh and clean air outside, bask in the glory of the king sun without the threat of skin cancer, play in the rain. I experienced all that when I was a kid and it was such a fun time for me! So, I do my share, in my own little way, to protect the planet and the environment.. for the children of tomorrow.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy Campaign

I was invited to an event a few weeks ago and it’s a campaign about considering to use cleaner alternatives than using coal. “Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy” was launched by Climate Reality Project, a global, multi-sectoral alliance advocating grassroots participation in climate change issues. It was a discussion with the media to explore the vulnerabilities faced by coal-dependent countries, like the Philippines.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy Campaign

“If there is one thing that we should talk about, shouldn’t it be our future? The Philippines has had opinion leaders start conversations on climate change on the global platform, but we need to unify these voices back home and commit to change our nation’s course. I believe that is what we are doing today,” said Rodne Galicha, Climate Reality Project Philippines Manager.

He noted that elsewhere in the world, the movement for renewable power has been rapidly advancing. India has brought down the cost of solar energy, and successfully made it cheaper than coal-generated power.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy Campaign Mr. Rodne Galicha

Galicha asserts it can be done in the Philippines. “We have hydropower, geothermal energy, solar energy, wind power, and biomass. These are already utilized in different parts of the Philippines, and still have great potential to expand in the coming years.”

The Climate Reality Project Philippines manager likewise called on his audience to recognize the impact of shying away from the conversation on climate change. Galicha explained a three-fold threat to the nation that only grows as it is delayed: the increasing rate of climate risk, the dependence on dwindling coal reserves, and the indifference of population accustomed to climate change.

The afternoon’s discussions explored topics on falling air quality, resource contamination and their health impacts, disruption and catastrophe from changed climate patterns, and viable alternatives to climate change-inducing coal.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy Campaign Atom Araullo

These community and environment threats were illustrated through a video that featured Filipinos wearing masks that bore the names of the deadliest storms to hit the country in the recent decade. The video parted with the message: “You can do something. Let’s talk cleaner energy.”

Climate realities and forecasts were also presented with key visuals to encourage the guests to join in the conversation about the future of the planet.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy Campaign

At the end of the program, Climate Reality Project Philippines representatives made the symbolic gesture to fight climate change and coal-driven degradation by pushing a “stop the emission” button. The environmental advocates then removed their face masks and called on the audience, “Let’s talk cleaner energy.”

The “Let’s Talk Cleaner Energy” event is the one of the many initiatives from the Climate Reality Project Philippines. To know more about their cause and how to save the future of the planet, follow them at

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