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Our children’s formative years are very important stages and we must do everything as parents to hone their skills. This is the vital stage where they learn about their environment, new skills, new words, practically the very stepping-stone of our child’s development. Thus, education is an essential part of learning and to arm them with better knowledge before they head out to the real big world. This is where The SchoolRoom comes in and will be able to help your child be ready for the next challenges.

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What exactly is The SchoolRoom?

The SchoolRoom is not your traditional preschool as it integrates a progressive approach in early childhood education. It offers programs that are developmentally appropriate, integrating activities that are experiential, hands-on, and engaging.

Their curriculum is designed to synchronize the teaching method with the ability and skill set of learners. It embodies a representative approach on early childhood learning where it stimulates critical thinking, through play, project-based activities, and centers.

The SchoolRoom follows the “Developmentally Appropriate Practice” or DAP, a framework of principles and guidelines for best practice in the care and education of young children. It is grounded both in research on how young children develop and learn what is known about education effectiveness. It advocates play as the medium of learning for children.

It will not be the usual teachings like in regular preschools, but instead kids will learn via experimenting, exploration, hands-on activities that will advance their knowledge and foster the love for learning.

I’m sure a lot of parents will agree with me that the most common challenge with our children is how to keep them interested. Since they are very active, we all battle with their attention span. That is why it is important to understand what their needs are to make sure we can appropriately attend to them and guide them through their growth and development. And that is what I appreciate most about the SchoolRoom. Their attention to the child’s needs and they design their teaching specifically to cater to each and every child.

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What Makes The SchoolRoom Different?

1. The SchoolRoom offers programs that integrate activities that are experiential, hands on, and engaging.

2. Values strong parent – teacher relationships. They provide regular reports such as but not limited to:
i. Journals
ii. Newsletters
iii. Checklists
iv. Goals
v. Narratives
vi. Progress Portfolios

3. Advocates in providing high – quality early childhood education using Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) through a conscientiously planned curriculum.

4. Ensures to have nurturing and qualified educators who are dedicated to fostering each child’s love for learning by providing meaningful experiences with the intention of developing the five areas of child development (physical, cognitive, social & emotional, language & literacy, and sensory & motor development).

5. Values children most especially their needs and interests. The over-all development of children and their success in both school and in life are their main priority.

6. Values play as the medium of learning and exploration for young children – through play and a carefully planned curriculum, children develop to become lifelong learners who are confident, independent, and compassionate individuals.

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I believe it’s a great idea to always incorporate play in learning. We must not force our children to learn and not all will be able to follow. If a child feels restricted, confined or obliged in any way, he/she will some what disobey or will have tantrums and if it happens, getting him/her to learn will be a hard thing. A child needs to process what is new to him, and the best way is to make it is to make it seem like “it’s just fun and play”.

A school must be another safe place away from home, so how does The SchoolRoom address this concern?

• Doorman
• Fetcher’s ID
• Emergency Numbers are posted on the wall
• Fire Drill
• Earthquake Drill
• First Aid Training
• Health record of children
• TSR will be child proofed in all areas

Supervision and activity:
• Highly Qualified Early Childhood Educators and Staff – All teachers have an education degree and will undergo regular training.

Sanitation and environmental health:
• Daily sanitation are implemented
• They promote proper hygiene for the kids by modeling proper handwashing techniques and self-care.
• Play area and common places are always kept clean and safe.

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Parents will surely love the facilities at The SchoolRoom:
• The preschool environment will be conducive to the child to their needs and interests. Tables and chairs will be appropriate to the child’s height which fosters independence.
• Special Activity room – they have a dedicated room to allow for various activities to take place every day. They will be focusing on using this room as an arts room, a multimedia room, and cooking/food preparation room, and a natural science discovery center room.
• The SchoolRoom Loft – this loft allows for imagination and dramatic play while gross motor area will allow for ample movement to build on their large motor muscles.

The SchoolRoom Play

How does The SchoolRoom plan to keep the interest of the children to learn given their short attention span?

By providing activities that are creative, engaging, and exciting.

• Keeping the attention span of the child during Circle Time routines is an art that a teacher must develop. For instance, in my experience, the act of anticipating something is one technique I use to keep a child focused. I tell them I have a surprise for them inside a box and when I shake it, they hear something yet they cannot see it. That alone ignites the child’s curiosity as he/she will want to know what is inside the box, shared The SchoolRoom directress, Ms. Tiffany Yu.

• Another method is through song and dance. I am a big fan of including music in all my preschool routines – from the time they enter school, to the time they wash their hands, and up until the time they leave. Incorporating music soothes their bodies and is very catchy. I must reiterate that education is one of the key factors to a child’s future success. The importance of proper learning during the formative years will affect a child’s personality and development as well as performance in society, added Ms. Yu.

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