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Outfitting Your Garage’s Toolbox with Casters

Whether you rent or own your home, there are always small jobs to perform around the property for basic maintenance purposes. The garage’s toolbox may have grown from one hammer to several drawers of tools within a few years. To make this toolbox even more versatile in the house, it’s time to think about adding casters along the base.

Access Toolbox with Casters

Solid or Pneumatic Tires?

As you look at different caster styles, you’ll encounter two main types. Solid tires are completely full of rubber or plastic materials. In contrast, pneumatic tires use pressurized air to hold your toolbox upright. Both tire types have their distinct advantages and disadvantages so you must weigh your needs compared to the products’ features. You never need to fill solid tires with air, but pneumatic products are often easier to move across a garage floor.

Swivel Convenience

Ideally, you want some of your casters to have swivel convenience. The two, rear casters on the toolbox might be swivel products with the remaining two wheels in fixed positions, for example. The swivel movement allows you to easily push the toolbox into almost any corner or tight space. Adding only fixed casters to your toolbox makes transport much more difficult when you have an active handy-person.

Color Choices

In most cases, casters are simple black tires with metal plates for connection against the toolbox. You can find other tire colors, such as red, to complement your garage too. This color isn’t just for appearances either. You’ll be able to see them with ease when it’s dark in the garage, for example. Running over an item with a heavy toolbox will only damage both products.

Don’t Forget the Brakes

Your toolbox may only move a few feet from its original location every time it’s used, but you still want brakes on these casters. At least one or two casters should have brakes on their assemblies. The brakes are simple levers that you can press down by using your foot or fingers. Safety in the garage will be significantly improved when you can lock the toolbox into place.

When you’re looking for the best deal on toolbox casters, go online to browse through this virtual marketplace. You can purchase them in pairs or packages of four. Ideally, purchase several extra casters to have on hand at home. You’ll always be prepared with new casters if any wheel malfunctions occur.

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