Yes, Efficiency At Low (Or No) Cost Is Possible

To stay competitive, relevant and in the loop, for most companies, the cost of doing business has gone steep and is getting steeper by the second. This is why online sites that offer business services for no or little cost are a big help, just like these three sites:

Business Services


Nowadays, due to the sheer number (and we’re talking millions and millions) of top-level domains that are registered to date, finding the most suitable domain for a website can be quite a challenge. A unique and catchy domain does wonders, and branding agencies understand that for the norm that it is. This is why they are still in business. But hiring their services just might kick you out of business before you even start because of the hefty price they charge. is a crowdsourcing platform that aspires to assist individuals and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in need of catchy, unique, relevant and easy-to-remember names, domains and slogans. PickyDomains has been in business since 2007 and has a population of 50,000+ registered namers spanning several regions of the world. To start receiving propositions from this team of creative individuals, register with the site as a client, make the required $50 payment for a name or domain or $75 for a slogan and outline your naming parameters. If no suggestion meets your needs, you’re entitled to a refund.


With the influx of online ticketing agencies and cheap airlines, the cost of air travel has become dramatically cheaper. But along with this innovation is the very intense competition in the industry that a lot of airlines have been forced to shut down. As a result, those that remain afloat choose to confine their best and cheapest deals into their own sites and/or partner sites to ensure competitors don’t get in the way of their sales and revenues. This, then, forces the regular consumer to go hopping from one site to another to finally snag the best airfare promo that perfectly fits into his budget and travel requirements – time-consuming and cumbersome, to say the least. is a cheap airfare meta search engine that locates the best and cheapest airfare promos from more than 700 airline sites and hundreds of ticketing and flight sites and makes them available for an end consumer to peruse in a single site. This greatly cuts down on the effort and time an individual would have to use up to find the airfare deal that he needs.


Employee empowerment entails that employees are well informed, properly motivated and constantly kept up to date. For this reason, companies are now employing empowerment tools like CRMs and intranets. But the cost of implementing these don’t favor just about anybody in the industry. They can cost a lot, leaving the small business owner no leverage over the more prosperous ones. is a cloud-based corporate collaboration and communications platform that’s absolutely free for companies with a maximum of 12 employees. Bitrix24 aggregates individual productivity tools like free CRM, free intranet, free workforce monitoring, free calendar and activity planner, free activity streaming that can be viewed real-time and many other awesome features – definitely your one-stop workstation solution. As it is cloud-based, it doesn’t need to be installed and can be accessed anywhere, whether via a web browser or a smartphone, allowing you the flexibility of bringing your virtual workplace anywhere you so please.

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