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Begin Your Child’s Education At An Early Age

Studies show that the most important stage in a child’s life is his/her formative years, which is the first 5 years. During this period, they are capable of learning and absorbing, so it’s an ideal time to expose them in a nurturing and educational environment. By giving them fun-filled, stimulating and safe environment, it is believed that a child will be on a great start.

For adults, play-time means entertainment but it is seen by the child as educational. It is when they learn about themselves and the world they live in. Peek-a-boo might be just a child’s game to adults but to kids that age, it’s skills learning time.

Playing thru an adult’s mind can be exhausting and yes, boring. This is the time that self-esteem, confidence, coordination, problem-solving skills, and social skills can benefit your child. It is thru playing that self-esteem can be enhanced depending on your response to the actions made by your kid. Your actions can give them a positive or negative impact.

Let your child move up and about and do what he feels like doing. Encourage him to play with toys and objects that are from a far. Let him play with different shapes, sizes and colours.Β  This involves physical coordination and creative thoughts and actions.

Child's Education At An Early Age

Solving skills can be developed by such games as hide and seek, putting a toy behind your back or by making a noise using a baby rattle. These actions will make him curious and by nature, he will look for the object. Make them understand the cause and effect because this is the right path to a lifetime of learning.

As your kid grows older, when he can do some household chores, this is when you start to teach him about responsibility. As for you, learn to appreciate whatever good things he does by saying words like “good job” etc to help encourage him to do his best.

Here are some great tips to enhance the developmental stages of your young child’s life:

  • Go to the library with your child to pick out a book, and then read it together
  • Encourage your child to explore arts and crafts to develop their creative side
  • The internet is a great educational tool for children. There are some great sites out there!
  • Watch TV with your child and talk about what they see on screen.
  • Buy them educational toys.
  • Allow your child the opportunity to interact with other children regularly.

We, parents, are also learning along the way. Make sure you enjoy every minute of it with your child.

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