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Do you enjoy joining giveaways or contests by other bloggers all over the world? Well, I’m a fan and I actually won in some. This April, a lot of bloggers are cooking up huge giveaways for May until July. I said huge cozย  the prizes are not merely a few dollars but at least $500! Where else can you get that amount of money for free! In most of the contests, you only need to like Facebook pages and follow Twitter accounts and that’s way too easy to finish even in just one sitting. I know that there are giveaways that would mandate you to like at least 50 or more Facebook pages and then 50 more Twitter accounts, so what? If I win, I’d be jumping for joy, though if not, well, better luck next time.

If you are a blogger and would want to increase your followers in Facebook or Twitter, then you need to pay the sponsorship fees. But, there are also free giveaways sign ups that would only require you to post the actual giveaway on your blog/s and constantly promote them and you’re in. Though not much of these coz setting up, maintaining and the final works are really hard and time consuming. If I see a free sign-up, I always make it a point to grab the chance.

Okay, so here are the upcoming huge giveaways starting this May:



Coupon Hauls is nearing it’s 15K Facebook fans and once she hits the mark, she’ll be giving away $500! If you wanna join, please do say that What’s UP referred you. ๐Ÿ™‚



The Hello Summer Cash Giveaway will be one gigantic gathering of bloggers around the world. That also means that the prize amount will be higher than usual. The Hello Spring Giveaway which ended with a blast gathered a total amount of $800! So, we are kinda expecting this to be a blast too. If you wish to join, please say that Virtual Musings referred you.


Coupon Queen of Texas cooked up the 4th of July Cash Giveaway with a $500 prize at stake. It hasn’t started yet and we are still looking for sponsors who might wanna join us. If you do want to sponsor, please say that Virtual Musings referred you.

There are other giveaways and will update this post once I get the codes. Again, if you are interested, just CLICK THE PHOTOS to sign up.

I have many plans in case I won in any of the upcoming giveaways and that includes giving my kids a happy summer. My little boy’s motorcycle tires are needed to be changed and my eldest wants a cell phone, so you see, these are all for them ๐Ÿ™‚

Why don’t you join us? Just click the photos and you’re good to go.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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