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Of Friends and Foes…

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now but only got to concentrate over a year ago. Blessings came from nowhere and now I’m earning from my blogs and from different online projects. The money I get goes to my eldest son who is a special child and some for whatever it is that needs paying *lol*.

Little did I know that during my newbie stage in blogging, I’d meet some friends which a few became foes when I was starting to earn.Β  Envy slowly ate them up and the friendships we built went kaput! It was hard, well for me, because I was just starting and bad vibes doesn’t mix well with me. I stopped making friends and just concentrated on clicking (lol) and tended to my 2 now non-existent blogs *lol*.

I only opened my doors when I found Mhel of Just Another Pixel or should I say we found each other ahahahhaa. It was after her blog contest last May 2010 that we really got to jive. And now, almost a year later, we still click and we giggle at the thought of some things that we fancy and never get tired to discuss each and every day *lol*

One Proud Momma

I met another friend thru Mhel and this gal makes me laugh too at the messages she sends us which eventually ends up discussing topics that are for our ears only, *lol*.

Meet Joy of NotePad Corner, a funny girl who can turn your day into a series of hiccups and farts due to excessive laughter, ahahahhaa..

Sorry, can’t help laughing while typing this. You don’t know how crazy we were when we three got together for the first time.

One Proud Momma

I treasure this two girls because we have a lot of things in common. I’d be dead if I reveal our chikas here or probably won’t hear from them again,lol..

Friends come and go and sometimes, it hurts when things go wrong. But with these two – funny how we get along smoothly when we all have strong personalities plus our trademark – Blabbermouths! One thing’s for sure, I’d never get tired of listening to their incessant whining and their crazy minds.

I pray that this friendship will flourish into something deeper and one that we can all chit-chat about when old age comes knocking on our doors. I pray that though there will be times that mood swings will take over us, that we may continue to understand each other no matter what. I pray that no matter what happens, we three can look back through the years still giggling and laughing to our heart’s content.

I love you both, Mhel and Joy, and we may never become foes after all the things we’ve gone thru. Thank you both, for your friendship and for understanding me during the days when crazy me took over. >:D< :-*

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  1. Of Friends and Foes…

  2. Aaawww so touched. Finally, you posted after a month. Hahaha.

    Kidding aside, you know I feel the same way for you, sis. I mean, I’m so glad to have met you. Our friendship is one of the things I truly treasure and I do hope, too, that we’ll still be friends “kahit maputi na ang buhok natin”… Oh, wait. Naunahan nyo na ko sa part na yan. Hahahah. Grabeh, can’t stop cracking jokes dito hehehe.

    Seriously, I love yah, gurl! And I’m happy Joy, you and I became this close. I can never go a week without our crazy conversations. Can’t wait for our next get-together! And see yah on Saturday! ^_^

    1. You know how I feel about our friendship sis hehehe.. I pray that there will never be a spat between us three. *hugs*

  3. You can always count on me sis, kahit pumuti na lahat ng buhok ko. envy is not included in my vocabulary ahaha.

    seriously speaking, i am very happy to have found you and mhel, this friendship we have is what i call “magkakaibigang totoo” i will keep this friendship of us for the rest of my life. aalagaan at palalaguin pa, mahirap makahanap ng katulad nyo!

    Mhel Eihdra,and Joy are friends for keeps! tara *group hug* πŸ™‚

    1. waah baka mauna pa akong pumuti ang buhok sis ahahha.. Same here sis. Hope to see you soon!

  4. Uyyyyy Tanduay Ice! Mmmmmm…

    Same here, I’ve found true friends through blogging.

    1. Yup Mitch, my current fave.. Social drinker lang naman ako hheee. Thanks!

  5. waaa, I can’t imagine mron ka pa rin naging foes, yung friends expected na yun.. lol.

    1. Ay ate Josie, marami akong naging kaaway during my younger days. But as I grew older eh I learned how to forgive and forget πŸ™‚

  6. didn’t know that it will be possible to have friends through blogging or even have foes. i admire your friendship with the two bloggers.

    1. I too didn’t thin it was possible. But here we are still friends… πŸ™‚

  7. shengkay says:

    nabasa ko nga rin yang EB nyong tatlo sa blog ni mhel.. godluck sa inyong tatlo..

    1. ahahaha at talagang goodluck talaga eh no.. Thanks sis πŸ™‚

  8. Life is beyond blogging and so are friends too…

    1. That’s so right Eric! I pray that this friendship will last til our days are grey πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  9. Good job in finding real friends in blogosphere! It’s really tough though. I’ve came to visit Mhel’s site many times, I found her extra honest about her online gigs and been following her up to now. Hope to meet you guys someday Too!

    1. Hey! I’ve been a fan of Mhel too when I was a newbie following her money making site. I’m still a fan until now lol.. Just give us a holler when you’re in town and we’ll try to meet you. We love to meet other bloggers too!

  10. Nice to know that you found good friends here.. Sana ako din, anyways I want to asked you sana about this work from hom. Can you email me instead? its

    or would be ok dito ko na discuss yun tanong ko. Thanks

    1. Hi sis. What exactly are your questions about Working from Home? Sorry for the late reply, been too busy with online projects. You can send it to me via the Contact Me form on top of this blog. Thanks

  11. What a nice tribute-post. I can actually feel how genuine your friendship must be. True friendship is very rare and hard to find. Glad you found it in these 2 ladies. πŸ™‚

    1. I haven’t been with true friends for such a long time now coz my long time BFFs are so busy and lives in the North. I’m glad too that I found this 2 crazy ladies to compliment my own crazy world πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  12. For some weird reason, I tend to browse mommy blogs.haha

    1. ahahahahhaa. I don’t see anything wrong with that RJ.. Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

  13. Ang galing! Glad you guys found each other! Parang “meant to be” lang πŸ˜‰

  14. Just like you, I met one bloggers and became friends with them, and then they became foes because they didn’t like what I said in my posts…..they hated me first , and then they’d say “I hate them.”
    But like you, I also met bloggers who became my real best buddies .

  15. Mommy Eihdra glad you found real friends in the online world. Very hard nowadays!

  16. It’s nice to read posts about friendship.

    1. Thanks Joy!

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