Pink Fridays

It’s my very first time to join the Pink Fridays meme though I have been seeing it for a long time now. Not that I’m not a fan of anything “pink”, it’s just that life has been ever so busy. Oh believe me, most of the things I own are either pink or purple or anything in between, lol. I just can’t resist these 2 colors and lately, some other shades are beginning to influence me πŸ™‚

Pink Mobile Pouch

Anyway, this Pink mobile pouch is a recent collection and I really love it! The moment I saw it, I wasn’t able to turn my back and walk away. I just gotta have it! The lustrous color of pink kept waving at me, heheheh, so I said, “why not?” ahahha..

I’m addicted to a lot of material things and anything that has pink on it will always, always catch my attention πŸ™‚

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