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Making Videos Now? Simple Ways to Monetize YouTube

So, you may have been blogging for a while now and have made the leap to YouTube videos. But how do you monetize YouTube? It all depends on how many views and subscribers you have, but there are many options. From memberships to live streams, there are plenty of options available to you. So without deleting you any further, here are a few suggestions.

Work Very Hard at Creating Content

First, you need to work really hard at creating good quality content that people in your niche want to watch. Making videos for YouTube isn’t too different from blogging. Steady and reliable publishing rates with relevant content are the best ways to make money. Predictability and convenience help you with some of the best options for recurring and subscription payments from your viewers. But you need to reach specific thresholds before you can even make money.

Offer Channel Memberships

Once you have reached certain figures on YouTube: 500 subscribers and 3,000 watch hours, you can offer your first monetization options for your channel. These include channel memberships. This allows viewers to provide monthly payments to your channel, which in turn gives them access to things non-members cannot. These include badges and emojis. This may sound trivial, but viewers will pay to become members of channels they really enjoy watching.

Allow Ads to Monetize YouTube

Of course, we all know that ad revenue is the most lucrative, and YouTube is built on ads. Some creators have almost more ad time than they do content time. But that’s another issue. Back to the point, and that is you can enable ads for your videos when you reach 1,000 subscribers and 10,000 watch hours. These include watch page ads and short feed ads. These will add substantially to your revenue stream if you begin to get more viewers for your awesome content.

YouTube Monetize

Enable Live Stream Features

Most successful content creators also supplement their videos with live streams. Live streams offer you a unique way to connect with your viewers in real time. Popular live stream niches include product reviews, playing new video games, and even classes such as cooking. And yes, you can make more money from these. Within live streams, you can enable money-making features such as Super Chat and Super Stickers and money from a Super Thanks button.

Work with Niche-Related Sponsors

Although the guidelines on this are murky, YouTube appears to be one of the few video platforms that still allows sponsored content. Other platforms like Twitch have recently banned this because they push their own ads in your videos. But YouTube allows you to record sponsored content within your videos, for now. Often, this is promotional material you can insert into your content separate from YouTube’s ads. Niche-related products are more successful.


Hard work and dedication are required before you can monetize YouTube. Once you reach certain achievements, you can begin using ads on your videos to earn money based on views. You can also use live stream features like Super Thanks and work with niche-related sponsors.

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