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How to Figure Out Which Style Suits You: Men’s Edition

Everyone wants to develop their own individual style but not everyone knows what would best suit them. There are so many things to consider, each of which plays an integral role in your style identity. We’ve all passed someone in the street who looks really cool and has been desperate to look like them. Despite this, we all look different, meaning that we must adapt our styles to suit our individual appearances. For example, you might see someone in some really cool glasses, but when you put them on, they simply don’t suit your face shape. So, how do you go about figuring out which style suits you?

Dress for Your Body Type

The first rule is to dress for your body type, as this is the best way to highlight your best features and mask the ones that you’re not so keen on. Inevitably certain styles will look different on certain shapes, so don’t try and make something work if it simply doesn’t. The standard male body shapes are a rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, oval, and inverted triangle, so make sure that you know yours before you start shopping and styling. Some tips include opting for pleated trousers if your calves are particularly large, fitting your jackets closely if you’re shorter, and wearing a deconstructed jacket to complement a broader frame.

Mens Fashion Style

Dress for Your Lifestyle

No matter how good you want to look, your style has to be practical and suit your day-to-day life. For example, if you’re a builder, it’s likely that men’s luxury cufflinks will seamlessly slot into your wardrobe. However, if you’re a businessman who is required to wear a suit on a daily, they may well be simultaneously appropriate and stylish. Some professions will certainly restrict you more than others and certain jobs won’t allow you to experiment with your daily style at all. For example, if you’re a police officer, doctor, or even a postman, you’ll be required to wear your uniform.  

Dress for Your Environment

Your environment is also a huge affecting factor of your style. For example, if you live in Baltic conditions, you can’t be walking about in a t-shirt and shorts. Similarly, if you spend most of your time in a tropical climate, you’re not likely to get much use out of a winter coat. If you live in a hot climate, make sure that the majority of your wardrobe is cotton; however, if you live in chillier conditions, make sure you have plenty of woolen garments on hand. If the place you live has varying climates depending on the season, you might rotate which clothes you have ready access to in your wardrobe.

Men Fashion Style

Find a Style Inspiration

The easiest way to develop your own sense of style is to use someone as an inspiration and adapt their style to make it your own. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to completely renovate the fashion sector, so you’ll likely mirror the style of someone else to create your own. When hunting for your style inspiration, you should look for someone who has a similar complexion and body shape to you so that you can seamlessly shift their style onto yourself.  If someone is the complete opposite to you in terms of appearance, their style will likely not look the same on you.


Are you now feeling more confident about developing your own individual style? How will you make sure that you’re always looking your best? Why not implement the above tips to get you going on your new fashion journey?

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