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What You Can Do if the Kids Don’t Need You As Much Anymore

If you are at a point in your parental life where the children are getting older and moving onto the next phase of their lives, you may start to feel your duties deplete. And if we’ve had a solid few years where there have been insurmountable challenges with the children, from illness to behavioral issues, we may now find ourselves relaxing somewhat. But having been in this high-state parental mode for so long could mean that we need to transfer our energies somewhere else. 

Some people like to start a career, but they want to be available in case there are problems with their children in school. The amount of pressures parents are facing because of any slight COVID-19 risk has meant that parents need to leave their work at the drop of a hat, which will no doubt annoy their employers. This is why we have to think about ways to ensure we are giving ourselves a meaningful life while not necessarily rocking the boat. So let’s show you a few things you could do.

Start a Business

There are so many businesses available for sale that you could take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. Many people who are self-employed do it because they want more freedom in their lives. And for parents who are not necessarily ready to change careers because their children need them, this could be a good balance. Many parents like the sense of fulfillment that comes with a business, and of course, earning a bit of extra money doesn’t hurt either! 

It’s something that you can do fairly simply, but starting a business involves focusing on your passions. Because if you do something you really care about, it’s not going to feel like work. But be aware; if you are really looking for a business to earn you a significant amount of money, you may find that it takes over your life too much, in which case, understanding the balance between your work life and your home life is very important.

Start Learning 

When we have children that don’t necessarily need us as much as they did, we start to feel a bit empty, and this leftover energy could be channeled into so many different things, but if you missed out on education, starting to learn more will give you a greater sense of fulfillment. Ultimately, learning something new is going to take a lot of your mental energy. And as our children are developing their own education, whether in a school setting or in terms of life, you can start to do the same thing. 

There are so many free courses available online that you can start to dip in and out of subjects that have appealed to you over the years. There is so much free education online that it could occupy you for years to come. Education is one of those things that shouldn’t be a privilege, but it should be something that we truly appreciate. You could start to learn a new language or an instrument. And when you start to learn more, it feels like the world opens more opportunities for you.

Mommy drinking coffee

Focus on the Causes That Matter to You

If you’ve been in parent mode for so many years and you have operated on very little sleep, but now life is evening out, you may start to open your eyes and see what is going on in the world. Learning to focus on the causes that matter to us shouldn’t be difficult, but if you are looking to make a difference, you need to look closer to home. 

So many of us feel passionate about something, and we need something to make us feel like we are accomplishing a sense of good, and it’s so easy to slip into some sort of housewife mode when our children are in school, but there’s an abundance of opportunities out there for you to fine-tune your alignment to causes that really matter. Sometimes, the answer is simple, we look closer to home and look at the injustices in the world, but we may have also had a very rough ride over the last few years. Conducting an analysis of your values could be very important to understand what causes really matter.

Fine-Tune Your Wellness

Finally, if you have been on autopilot for so long, you may notice a few more gray hairs, bags under the eyes, and you have been absolutely desperate for good quality sleep. Now you have the opportunity to focus on making yourself as healthy as possible. As parents, we feel that we are in the eye of a hurricane of sorts. And we’ve just got to be in survival mode. But what happens when your children are in school, or they are old enough now that they can look after themselves a bit more? Now is the perfect time for you to focus on making yourself a better version of yourself. 

Fine-tuning your wellness can be about eating healthier of course, but it could be about engaging in hobbies that make you function better. For example, now would be the perfect opportunity to start exercising properly. But whenever you start an exercise routine, it’s got to be with real tangible goals. Because if you don’t exercise properly, you could be making yourself more unwell, meaning you aren’t able to be a better parent. It’s important to look at those parents who are able to build themselves up, so they can be more giving to the ones they love.

It’s Not Being Selfish to Look After Yourself!

It’s not about being selfish, but it’s about making sure that now your children are not attached to the hip as they once were, you do something that really gives you a bit more meaning and fills the gap that is a dedicated mother once had. This is why many parents start a business or learn new things because it’s the perfect opportunity to give yourself some meaning to life. 

Let’s face it, you will experience empty nest syndrome when your children actually leave, and this is the perfect chance for you to rehearse for that moment, by improving yourself and understanding that being a parent that gives so much of yourself to your children means that you may not know what to do when your children don’t need you as much anymore.

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