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What Makes Beko HarvestFresh Different

Living a healthy lifestyle is a decision you need to make for yourself and your family. If you haven’t started your health journey yet, well, it’s high-time and a must especially these days. Being healthy helps boost immunity and ward off sicknesses and diseases. Of course, you want to live long and you can best enjoy life if you are practicing and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

One of the main things you need to change is your diet along with what’s in your refrigerator. You need to consume fresh food for your best nutrition. Not only that, you must store in the fridge those that can only help you in your health journey and Beko HarvestFresh can help you keep fruits & veggies fresh for a longer time and looks after your produce 24/7.

Beko HarvestFresh

We all know fruits and vegetables are an important part of our healthy lifestyle and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. But why is it important to maintain the freshness? Well, you can get the optimum health benefits if they are fresh.

You can buy all kinds of fruits and veggies, but stocking them up in the ref for storage to keep the freshness is sometimes difficult. It’s a challenge, actually, to keep them fresh longer. With Beko HarvestFresh, you can be sure with its 24-hr sun cycle feature using its 3-color technology!

Beko HarvestFresh boasts of its tri-color technology that mimics the 24-hour sun cycle to keep the vitamins in your fruits and vegetables for longer, just like in their natural environment. This technology simulates natural light conditions in the special crisper.

When the fridge is closed, the LED light illuminates in sequence – the blue light for 4 hours, green for 2 hours, red light for 6 hours and then 12 hours of darkness. This helps the levels of vitamins in fruits and vegetables.”

Beko HarvestFresh

I’m quite amazed, really, coz regular refrigerators doesn’t have such awesome features so freshness expectancy is shorter, of course and this will have an effect in your health journey. The longer we can keep our produce fresh, also helps us to save time and money instead of going back to the grocery or market again to buy new stocks.

Plus, if the ingredients are fresh from the Beko HarvestFresh refrigerator, your cooked food will also be more delicious and healthy!

Do you see the huge difference?! If you have the budget and looking to upgrade your refrigerator, I’d say, I’d go for this technology! Yes, there are hacks and tips that you can search on the internet but gee, I’m all for the 3-color technology. It’s kinda tricking your fresh produce because it’s mimicking nature. Imagine those different lights serving as a 24-hour sun cycle, it’s like your fruits are still on the tree. Neat, right? I’d start my savings goal now hahaha.

So, if you are interested to know more, you can check out or browse the different HarvestFresh refrigerators on or on it’s socials Facebook and Instagram at @bekoph.

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  1. Lyka Mitra says:

    Ganitong ref ang kailangan natin para makapag imbak ng mga gulay at prutas na di mag aalala na baka malanta o mabulok.

  2. yanpaladquisol17 says:

    Best brand ng ref para laging fresh ang mga veggies and fruits 💟

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